Agenda and minutes

Tuesday, 13 December 2016 10:00 am

Venue: Lakeside Centre, Lakeside Country Park, Wide Lane, Eastleigh

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Riverside House,

Rope Walk,


SO31 4HD


 The Clerk outlined the application for the grant of a premises licence for internal and external parts of the Royal Air Force Yacht Club.


The Chair asked if anyone on the Panel wanted to declare any interest in the application and everyone declined.


The Legal advisor to the panel advised that the application was not to vary the existing club licence but to grant a new licence to permit the retail sale of alcohol, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment. The club already held a club premises certificate permitting the supply of alcohol and provision of late night refreshment to members of the club or their guests.





Representation from the Applicants


The Royal Air Force Yacht Club was being represented by the Commodore – Gail Foster and the Club Manager – Lesley Walford.


They outlined the reasons for applying for a new licence:


·         Membership numbers were down, year on year.

·         The Club needed to increase the amount of non-member events which in turn would help to secure its longevity and development prospects.

·         Running costs were increasing


The ethos and clientele of the club was to remain unchanged as the Club would not be open to the general public and would still primarily cater to the Club members.


Representations from the Police pdf icon PDF 131 KB


PC Sharon Conway attended on behalf of Hampshire Constabulary.

The Police had reached an agreement with the applicant thus setting conditions supporting the application and the Applicant would be willing to comply with suggested conditions for inclusion in the premises licence.


There were no occasions when the Police had been called to the premises in the past year.


Representations from Environmental Health pdf icon PDF 658 KB


Stuart Wedgbury and Jo Lomax represented Eastleigh Borough Council’s Environmental Health department.

Since 2011 there had not been any noise complaints in relation to the Royal Air Force Yacht Club.

Environmental Health officers set out a list of conditions with regard to the noise mitigation strategy which had been agreed by the applicant.


Representations from Residents pdf icon PDF 7 MB


Eight residents spoke in objection to the proposal citing the following reasons:


·         Noise created by the outdoors events

·         Negative effect on wildlife habitat

·         Insufficient staff training

·         Excessive accumulation of outdoor events over the summer period


The Decision

The Panel withdraw to make their decision 


The Panel withdrew from the meeting to make their decision and invited the Clerk and Legal Advisor to join them.


The following decision was read out to the Hearing when the Panel reconvened:



The Royal Air Force Yacht Club – Licensing Panel Decision


“All parties will receive written notification of the decision and reasons.


The Panel has considered very carefully the application for a premises licence at Royal Air Force Yacht Club. The Panel has given due regard to the Licensing Act 2003, The Licensing Objectives, Statutory Guidance and the Adopted Statements of Licensing Policy. Human Rights legislation has been borne in mind.

Due regard has been given to all representations and evidence given in writing and heard orally today.

It was noted that conditions had been agreed between the Applicant and the Hampshire Police and also Eastleigh Borough Council’s Environmental Health Department.

Having heard all the evidence the Panel has determined to grant the application subject to the following conditions:

All conditions agreed with Hampshire Police save that use of the outside area for licensable activities beyond 23:00 Hours will be limited to a total of 5 occasions but each can spill into an additional day if the event goes on beyond midnight.

Also the marquee entrance is to be on the river side of the lawn.

The conditions agreed with the Eastleigh Borough Council’s Environmental Health are to be imposed.




The Panel was impressed with the Applicants presentation and felt that the intention to keep the club use and clientele as unchanged as possible. However there have clearly been issues of noise nuisance from the premises in the past and this cannot be ignored.

The Panel has found that there are no issues with the operation of the premises inside the building and the decision reflects this. The decision aims to reach a fair balance between the requirements of the club and the interests of the local community.




The 28 day notification to residents referred to by Environmental Health should include a contact telephone number for complaints and this should be staffed during events.

Outside areas should not be used after licensable activities have ceased and any lights should be turned off.

There is a right of appeal to the Magistrates Court for all parties and the written notification of the decision will set out that right in full.

Permission can also be reviewed at the later date if correct parties request a review.”