Agenda and minutes

Licensed Transport Forum
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 10:00 am

Venue: Rooms 12/13, Eastleigh House

Contact: Jon Brown, Democratic Services tel: 023 8068 8124; email: 

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Minutes of the meeting held on 17 June 2014 pdf icon PDF 27 KB


The Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17 June 2014 were agreed as a correct record.



Action List


The Action List was considered and updates given as follows:


Travelodge pick-up drop off – This item was considered to have been satisfactorily resolved and all in attendance agreed to it being removed from the Action List.


Compliance Testing - This item was considered to have been satisfactorily resolved and all in attendance agreed to it being removed from the Action List.


Credit Card Charges – Shaun Eade confirmed that a secret shopper had been sent out, with another being sent out imminently.


X5 Bus update / access on SWT property


Richard Pemberton delivered a presentation of his report on the X5 Chandler’s Ford Business Link bus service. The service was set up primarily to create new links from the employment areas in Chandler’s Ford to Southampton Airport Parkway and Chandler’s Ford rail station; the aim of which was to reduce traffic congestion on the roads. The service operates at a higher frequency in the peak hours than off-peak, as the service’s main aim is to provide a solution for commuters.


The service has been contracted to Xelabus for a year, ending October 2015. After this the hope is that it will continue as a self-funded service by the participating businesses. Steve Lucas expressed that he and other drivers felt uninformed about the introduction of the service and that in future he hoped for better communication on such matters with the trade. Steve Lucas also commented that himself and others had only observed the service to be used for around half an hour in the mornings and evenings, the remainder of the day it being virtually empty.


Trade representatives communicated that their main concerns lay with the access around Southampton Airport and not the X5 bus service itself. The limited space has caused problems especially at peak times with the amalgamation of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Restrictions on stopping and waiting are in place but are currently not well enforced.  This issue was now being addressed by South West Trains.


Richard Pemberton brought to the forum’s attention the existence of a supplementary Forecourt Management Plan which makes comment on issues such as enforcement of waiting restrictions. He voiced that SWT intend to review such issues and concerns.


Amy Nicholass of Sustrans made a presentation on what the charity was currently offering around Eastleigh. The Blue Lamp Trust has places on their seminars at Holiday Inn, Eastleigh, which involve learning methods of reducing fuel consumption to decrease wear and tear and fuel bills. The seminars are three hours long with start times of 9am or 1pm. Dates as follows:

·         Wednesday 29th October

·         Wednesday 5th November

·         Thursday 13th November


A workshop is being held at the Point on 29th October 11:40-12:20 (including a free networking lunch), where there will be a presentation on the safety and economic benefits of fuel efficient driving.


The charity also offers one-hour in car training courses to evaluate personal habits and how to reduce road risk and fuel consumption. Six people are needed on one day to hold the courses in Eastleigh.


Any queries, contact Amy Nicholass on 07747 096 579, or email


Dual Licensing


Richard Ward declared that after a review of the options, Dual Licensing shall be offered for an additional payment of £27 – subject to consideration by the Administration Committee.


E Cigarettes


Shaun Eade invited opinions on whether to amend the handbook to extend the smoking ban to all types of smoking, to cover the increased use of E-Cigarettes. All present were in agreement of the broadened ban and the handbook is to be amended.


Dress Code


Graham Morey briefed those present on a recent meeting held on the proposal of a dress code for drivers. Councillor Michael Hughes said that a lack of response from the trade on the subject must be assumed to be an agreement to the proposal. All were in agreement that a reasonably smart, clean and tidy appearance is desirable and a matter of common sense and personal pride. However trade representatives expressed that a minority persist in an untidy appearance.


Councillor David Airey, echoed by others, reiterated that any policy on dress code would be unenforceable and only guidance can be given to encourage drivers to take care in their appearance. It was agreed that guidance on dress code and items not to wear be published in the handbook.  


Trade Issues and Concerns


The economic situation for the taxi trade in Eastleigh


Simon Cornwell made a presentation to raise awareness of the struggles of the trade in the current economy. Business and associated costs are rising above inflation, in conjunction with inconsistency of business and low takings. It was noted that night time business is particularly low.                     


Steve Lucas raised issue with the limited rank space in Eastleigh, highlighting particularly Southampton Airport Parkway, where he felt many drivers were not being given a fair chance as they are unable to trade directly from Southampton Airport. Councillor Michael Hughes proposed the possibility of a meeting between councillors and Airport managers to discuss the issues, especially given the recent news on the sale of the airport. Councillor David Airey advised that the sale would not be completed until toward the end of January 2015, but that he would be happy to discuss the matters with the Airport management or through the Airport Consultative Committee at an appropriate time in the future.


Age Restrictions when putting a hybrid vehicle on


Steve Lucas put forward a matter on behalf of Kevin May concerning the council’s decision not to allow the commercial use of hybrid vehicles older than 7 years. In the interests of consistency and precedent it was agreed that no exceptions were to be made to the decision.


Items for information


Tax – will be checked online when applying for a plate.


Lack of disability taxiscomplaints from The Eastleigh and District Disability Forum on the lack of taxis available to disabled people. Also complaints on the treatment of some passengers, particularly concerning those with guide dogs. Shaun Eade informed that two disability taxis has recently been put on the road.


Ageas Bowl Firework display – Friday 7th November, scheduled to end at 9:30pm, 7000 people expected to attend. Steve Lucas advised that he planned to send out a text reminder to drivers on the evening to remind them of the event.


Plate renewal – The old plate must be returned in order to receive the new one. 


Date and time of next meeting


20th January 2015, 10:00am at Eastleigh House.