Agenda and minutes

Licensed Transport Forum
Tuesday, 24 January 2017 10:00 am

Venue: Room 16/17 Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9YN

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer tel: 02380688112; email: 

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To consider the Minutes of meeting held on 18 October 2016.


That the minutes of the meeting held on 18 October 2016 be agreed as a correct record.


To convene a Working Group with regards to Vehicle Testing


Paul Naylor, Head of Direct Services, suggested that a working group be convened in February to look at the options and proposals for Vehicle Testing (this had been mentioned briefly at the previous Forum meeting). He proposed three meetings in all, one as a set up, then again in March to look at the draft and hopefully agree it at a final meeting in April.


The Forum welcomed these proposals and agreed that Steve Lucas, Simon Cornwell, Roger Vivian and Kevin May, together with Councillor Airey, Paul Naylor, Phil Bates and a fitter, would form the working group. PN would email them with suggested dates.

Actions: PN


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The Action List was considered and updates were provided. Councillor Airey advised that he was unable to attend the annual Ageas Bowl meeting on 17 February 2017 as he was double booked.


In response to a question on the Handbook, Phil Bates reported that his priorities were to get the partnership up and running. He was well aware that it was a key issue for the trade, along with the forms and suitability testing etc. but he planned to look at the whole lot by the end of the year.


Btec/NVQ equivalent training at Brockenhurst College (ID)

The process and final exam and delays in waiting for the printing of certificates.


Unfortunately Ian Dixon was unable to attend the meeting; however Roger Vivian reported that drivers who were taking the course then had to wait a long time to take the final test on a computer because a ‘slot’ was never available on the time / day that was inconvenient for the driver.


Phil Bates stated that he would chase this up and report back, to Ian Dixon in particular.

Actions: PB


Procedure costs of transferring plates to a new vehicle (AL)


Alan Lloyd asked why drivers who changed their vehicles before their plate anniversary dates had to pay £60 for the transfer, and then had to come back into the office on the anniversary itself to renew the forms. He felt it was illogical and asked if it could be done in one visit.


In response Alan was advised that it was legal requirement to go through the process if a driver was transferring to a new vehicle. Phil Bates added that he would work with Kim Scully to look at the processes and see if drivers could book back to back appointments.


Councillor Airey suggested that this be an agenda item for the next meeting.

Actions: PB/KS CK


Provision of Handbooks (AL)


This was covered the Action List but Steve Lucas added that he was concerned that if Phil Bates was to review the Handbook by the end of the year, come 2018 it would be almost three years since they had received any updates. He was happy to be part of a working group if necessary to get things moving.


Phil Bates replied that he was aware of the situation.


New Design of Various Forms (AL)


Steve Lucas reported that nothing had been taken up on the forms following a consultant visit and working group a few years previously. They had approved of Southampton City Council’s forms and suggested that it would be a quick fix to resolve.


Roger Vivian asked if the forms could be submitted via email prior to appointments and drivers could then sign the forms when they came in, after it had been checked. He also suggested that plates were pre-paid so the whole process could be done in one visit.


Phil Bates advised that he would need to look at the processes and where it was legally binding.

Actions: PB


Uber situation (AL)


Alan Lloyd reported that he had viewed a video of Uber drivers ranking up at the airport and requested some form of statement of what action could / could not be taken to put in his trade newssheet.


Phil Bates advised that Uber were acting lawfully. His colleagues had checked eleven cars and all were compliant and had Transport for London (TfL) badges.


He added that he had attended a Local Government Association (LGA) conference recently where a dozen or so other local authorities had looked at the legislation. The Mayor of London had also raised cross border issues with regards to taxis. TfL and the LGA were pushing the Government to look into it. Writing to local TFL in Portsmouth and Brighton etc was as much as they were empowered to do at the moment to keep the pressure on the Government.


Roger Vivian read out a letter from a small operator who was in support of Uber in Eastleigh.


Kevin May asked why New Forest District Council was not adhering to Government guidelines. Phil Bates responded that he had been in a meeting the previous week with NFDC, Hampshire and IOW. Southampton was applying pressure that they all look at the Intended Use Policy.


Complaints Review Update (PB)


Phil Bates tabled a summary of enforcement since 1 December 2016.

There had been ten complaints received, some covered more than one area, normally driving and behaviour.


Parking - 3

Behaviour – 4

Driving – 4

Overcharging – 1


This resulted in:


Written warnings – 3

Advice – 3

NFA – 3

Awaiting completion – 1


There had been eleven further enquiries dealt with by Enforcement officers, including chasing insurance enquiries, no roof sign, smoking, vehicle condition, failure to notify SP30 conviction and a late medical. All this had resulted in a further three written warnings, one advice, and three vehicles either repaired or suspended pending repair, and the remainder of no further action.


He wished to take the opportunity to thank Kim Scully for all her efforts over the last few months in coping so well with all the changes. He also thanked Sue Ingram, for her help in assisting Kim for the past year.


Andy Jeffrey would be the new enforcement officer and would take up his new post on 13 February 2017.


The second Licensing Officer post interviews had been completed and from a good quality field an excellent candidate had been offered the post and he was awaiting her written confirmation of her acceptance. It was hoped that she would start in March 2017.


The IT project had also been progressed. It was anticipated that Eastleigh Borough Council’s taxi licensing database would move to Southampton City Council’s on 13 February 2017. Kim and new staff required training on its software and this would take place over the next few weeks. Leena from SCC would provide cover and support EBC whilst this goes on.


Once staff and IT had settled he would then have more time to concentrate on matters such as Policy Conditions.


The Chair added his thanks to Kim and Sue, and to Phil and all those concerned in his team for a tremendous effort over the last few months ensuring that the transition went as smoothly as possible. He extended his thanks to Nicki Moorhouse for all her very hard work and support over the years.




Phil Bates had brought along the Southampton City Council’s Licensing plates to show the Forum. SCC charged £12 for the plate holder which came with added security and £11 for the plate. He planned to give a quick demonstration at the Working Group in February and discussion could be had then as to who would fit them.


DBS Certificate – Kevin May reported that people were not aware that they had to keep their original DBS Certificate when they first applied, as it was not renewed at renewal. He also queried why people had to produce their passport if they had originally produced it, and what if it had expired. Phil Bates advised that other documents were listed to be produced in order that the DBS could check that the person had the ‘right to work’.


Councillor Airey reported that he had attended a conference in November 2016 on Safeguarding. The Government were looking at having compulsory CCTV and Audio in licensed vehicles, especially where children were involved. They were also looking at DBS checking for those who take bookings and despatch vehicles.