Agenda and minutes

Licensed Transport Forum
Thursday, 22 February 2018 10:00 am

Venue: rooms 16 / 17 Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer tel: 02380688112; email: 

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To consider the Minutes of meeting held on 24 November 2017.


The minutes of the meeting held on 24 November 2017 were agreed as a correct record.




Theresa Swann, Kevin May and Alan Lloyd sent their apologies.


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The action list was considered and updates were provided.

Meeting with the Aegeas Bowl was confirmed for the beginning of March.


Blue Lamp Course (RV)


It was confirmed that there were various courses organised by The Blue Lamp Trust which would be suitable for the local trade. Drivers would still be able to choose between the current provider and Blue Lamp. Cost of the course would be around £100.00.


Enforcement Summary (AJ)


Licensing Enforcement Officer – Andy Jeffery, presented the Forum with the latest figures in regards of the enforcement statistics in the Borough.


Forum members remarked that having the enforcement figures presented to them on a regular basis, helped to drive the standards up and gave them confidence in the Forum as a body.



This period

Last period



Behaviour of driver





3 written warning, 1 advice given

2 advice given

Breach of conditions



6 HC



3 PH restrict


5 written warning, 1 advice given

2 written warning, 3 advice given

5 suspension, 1 NFA, 1 advice given, 4 written warning

2 suspension, 1 written warning

1 suspension, 2 advice given,

Driving standard





2 written warning, 2 NFA

4 advice given, 1 written warning

Out of town vehicles in EBC




Mostly around George Curl way, lakeside or parkway - all checked with operator/ licensing authority.

Condition of vehicles



3 HC


1 suspension, 1 written warning, 1 advice given

2 written warning, 2 advice given

PH Test purchase op




Out of area Uber checked and hesitated before refusing the non-booked fare. Reported to Uber and driver has been removed immediately from Uber platform permanently

Mystery shopper op




Over all really pleasing results, all drivers reported as friendly, call all in good order. Main findings are fare charts missing and badges not on display


(PHD – Private Hire Driver, PHV – Private Hire Vehicle, HCD – Hackney Carriage Driver, HCV – Hackney Carriage Vehicle, PH-Private Hire, HC- Hackney Carriage).



Private Hire Test Purchase Operation (AJ)


Private Hire test purchases were attempted and they only led to one occasion of enforcement being necessary against Uber.


Safeguarding (PB)


Training packages covering safeguarding are being explored by the council. Council had to work out a way of delivering them to the trade. Trade representatives were being encouraged to propose any safeguarding packages which could be suitable.


Safeguarding was being promoted not only by the central government but also by the trade and local government agencies.


PB wanted to put under discussion a possibility of safeguarding becoming a part of Taxi Driving BTEC. This would add £60.00 to the cost of the BTEC course so the decision could not be taken lightly.


SL told the forum that the local Police were visiting Private Hire companies and provided presentations covering safeguarding. Those presentations could then be fed down to drivers.


RV told the forum that Hampshire County Council wanted drivers sign a safeguarding disclaimer.


PB said that part of the problem was the fact that there were too many approaches to safeguarding presented by different organisations and a streamlined approach would be beneficial.


PN told members that adapting New Forest District Council’s safeguarding package could be an option.


SC added that there was a need for more support from agencies when it came to transport of children.


DP thought that it would be good for the drivers to have a channel to pass concerns in such cases. SL told members that Barnardo’s was not answering their phones so they had little support.


It was also agreed that the Sub Committee would meet at the Depot. Steve Lucas, Simon Cornwell, Ian Dixon and Siobhan St John would be there to represent the trade.


Operator Notifications (AJ)


AJ told members that Operators did not always notify the Licensing Team when vehicles changed taxi companies. SL wanted to know what the timeframe was to notify the Council.  AJ said that 7 working days was acceptable..


Emailing of renewal letter (AJ)


AJ reported that notification letters were now predominantly done via email and that the medical forms are being integrated into email as well. PB told the committee that his team had been working really hard to move over to the new system which employed more email and could automatically contact the trade via email.


New Forms and GDPR (AJ)


Draft copies of the new forms were now ready. “Change of Vehicle”, “Transfer of Licence” – they would all soon be on the website. EBC forms were mirroring the Southampton City Council forms. DA remarked that it made a lot of sense as both licensing authorities were working in partnership.

Forms were being streamlined and would be much simpler to complete.

AJ added that not all the forms were ready but the progress was steady. Members will be updated once there is more to report.


Geo Fencing at Parkway Station (SL)


SL wanted to know if geo fencing was now in place. AJ answered that both sides of Southampton Parkway Station were now covered by geo fencing.




AJ presented the forum members with the picture ( see above) where the zone marked in red was disabled in Uber app. Any Uber drivers in the red area would not be able to accept fares .


PB told the forum that Uber had now split their operations into regions and we were in South East Uber region.

SL said that the trade was very happy that geo-fencing was addressed by the Licensing team.

AJ also reported that the Southampton Airport and South Western Railways were looking into a possible redesign of the taxi ranks.


Handbook (SL)


SL wanted to know when a meeting with PB could be scheduled to finish the amendments on the handbook. PB confirmed that work was undergoing and that representatives from the trade would be involved in the near future.


Any Other Business


ID wanted to know if any more of “Clean Air” presentations were being prepared. DA confirmed that the member of staff whom prepared them left the organisation but there surely would be presentations in the future.


SL attended a meeting on clean air where there was a lot of incentive on electric and hybrid vehicles. The trade was apprehensive about replacing their existing vehicles before more was known about the date the Clean Air Zone in Southampton was introduced. Some drivers were being put off by the cost of the new vehicles (Tesla) and by their suitability (Nissan Leaf) and were buying hybrid vehicles instead getting the fully electric ones.

The arrival of the Clean Air Zone was definitely having an impact on long term planning, making it more difficult.


PB reported that as of beginning of April, a small office by the reception at the Depot will be open as a meeting point for the taxi trade.