Agenda and minutes

Licensed Transport Forum
Friday, 24 November 2017 10:00 am

Venue: Room 16/17 Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9YN

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer tel: 02380688112; email: 

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Councillor Airey reported that Hampshire County Council (HCC) was currently developing proposals to improve the A3025 / B3397 Hamble Lane, and wished to consult with local businesses and residents.


A public consultation would take place over a six week period from 27 November 2017 to 7 January 2018. The consultation material could be viewed on the HCC website by searching ‘Hamble Lane’, and a questionnaire could be completed online, once consultation had commenced.


The three drop-in events would be held between 1pm – 7pm on the following dates:


Monday 27 November – Pilands Wood Centre, Chamberlayne Road, Bursledon SO31 8DT


Thursday 7 December – Roy Underdown Pavilion, Spitfire Way, Hamble-le-Rice, SO31 4RY


Wednesday 13 December – Abbey Hall, Victoria Road, Netley, SO31 5FA


Alternatively, a copy of the exhibition material and questionnaire would be available upon requested (once the consultation had started) at Hamble Parish Council offices, Pilands Wood Centre, the Lowford Library and Netley Library. Closing date for all responses was 7 January 2018.


On another note, Councillor Airey also explained that following a request from Alan Lloyd regarding cross-border issues, a letter had been sent from the Borough Council to the Rt Hon John Hayes CBE MP. He had received a reply from his office and a copy of the letter was attached to these Minutes for information.


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To consider the Minutes of meetings held on 20 June and 17 October 2017

Additional documents:


The Minutes of the meetings held on 20 June and 17 October 2017 were agreed as a correct record.


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The Action List was considered and updates were provided.


With regards to the Blue Lamp course, the Trade still had a number of questions. PB advised that he would liaise with Portsmouth City Council and contact the Blue Lamp Director then report back to the Forum at the next meeting with his findings.


Enforcement Summary (AJ)


AJ updated the Forum on the enforcement summary from March to the end of August 2017 which was as follows:


Driver Behaviour complaints


1 advice given, 2 NFA

Breach of Conditions












Poor driving complaints


3 NFA, 3 advice given, 1 written warning 1 blue lamp

Complaints of poor English


1 suspended (attend blue lamp course) 2 NFA




Plying for hire (out of town vehicles


All checked with operator if P/H

Unlicensed P/H operator


NFA licensed by another authority

Condition of vehicle


8 advice, 1 suspension

Mystery Shopper evenings


All vehicles clean in/out, drivers all friendly, all smart,

Several missing fare charts, several not wearing badges or on display, several complaint stickers missing. Overall standard very good

Vehicle suspension



Refusal of driver application



Driver suspension



Driver revocation



Officer report to snr Management


Action taken - 1 revocation, 1 set period of suspension, 1 blue lamp course, 1 given a year driver licence to be reviewed, 1 application refused


Discussion took place regarding the over-charging which could only be controlled if it was inside the Borough; and the importance of the mystery shopper. It was agreed that the enforcement summary contained important information that should be shared at each meeting rather than annually.


Restricted Licences - Access to Work (RV)


RV reported that restricted licences only covered school runs and enquired if this could be extended to regular work runs as this had been done in Winchester.


The Chair advised that in the broad principle, he could not see a problem, however he asked PB to look into this further and report back at the next meeting.


Input into new forms (AL)


AL reminded the officers that the Trade wished to be involved with the design of any new forms. PB advised that he had not forgotten but there may be times when this was not possible, i.e. legal necessity. SL also asked about the update to Section 6 of the Handbook, PN advised that he would resend the email with the information.


Armbands (AL)


AL reported that members did not like the armbands as these kept flying off into drivers’ faces. PB advised that they would probably go down the route of armband, lanyard, or clip and give people a choice.


PB reported that a new company was supplying the plates which would be more flexible and robust. Information would being going out to advise of lead-in time.


Renewal of Plates by Months (AL)


AL advised that since he had asked for this to be added to the agenda, the latest letter he had received had clarified the matter.


AJ explained that the new monthly renewal procedure was to basically assist the Licensing Team. It would enable them to know how many renewal plates they had to deal with each month, and instead of running a daily reports which was quite onerous, they would be able to run one report at the end of each month to check who had not renewed. The new monthly procedure would streamline their processes, spread workload, and be easier to manage. This in turn would provide the Trade with an improved service.


SL asked if there was a lead-in time. PB advised that they would give as much time as possible and could not see it going ‘live’ before spring 2019. AJ added that they would work with the Trade to manage renewals and spread the dates and costs evenly.


In response to AL’s question regarding invoices for plates, AJ replied that that would happen in February 2018.


Litter Bins on the Rank (AL)


AL reported that the litter bin on the rank had fallen apart and wanted replacing.


Post Removal next to Lamp Post on Rank (AL)


AL also reported that the post (which had been used for the old taxi telephone), situated next to the lamp post on the rank was causing a problems when multi-seater vehicles manoeuvred to collect passengers by the curb. PN advised that he would contact Streetscene and the Eastleigh Local Area Manager to organise a replacement litter bin (Minute 29) and the post removed, the following week.


Measured Mile (AL)


AL enquired how officers checked that meters were not tampered with if there was no measured mile in the Borough. PB advised that they relied on the meter fitters. Meters were different now to the old mechanical ones and the need was no longer there. If there was an issue, the fitters, approved by the meter suppliers, would re-test them.


Radio Taxi Operator's Licence (KM)


KM, who had tendered his apologies, had submitted this item. PB advised that they had not received any application for a Radio Taxi Operator.




MOT and Compliance check - SL asked if the Depot would consider a reduction in price when combining the two. PN advised that he would arrange a working group in the New Year to look into it.


Next Meeting - It was agreed that the next meeting be deferred to 22 February 2018.