Agenda and minutes

Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel
Thursday, 5 July 2018 7:00 pm

Venue: Rooms 11/12/13, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9YN

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Performance and Governance Specialist Tel: 023 8068 8112 Email:  Natalie Wigman, Corporate Director Tel: 023 8068 8405 Email:

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Public Participation


There was no public participation on this occasion.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 53 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 7 June 2018.


It was AGREED -


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Panel held on 7 June 2018 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Matters arising – Minute 4 New Cabinet Portfolios 2018 - The Corporate Director (Strategy) reported that ‘local centre regeneration’ had now been added to Councillor Paul Bicknell’s Portfolio Pan.


Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare interests in relation to items of business on the agenda.  Any interests declared will be recorded in the Minutes.


Councillor Judith Grajewski declared an Interest in agenda item 5, Chairman's Report, because as she was a Governor at Eastleigh College; and


Councillor Rosemary Reynolds declared an Interest in agenda item 5, Chairman's Report, because as she was to be a member of the Barton Peveril / Eastleigh College Liaison Group.


Chairman's Report


The Chair advised that councillors had been seeking information regarding a potential merger of Eastleigh College with Southampton City College (CCS), and gave the following update:


“Eastleigh College responded to a Further Education Commissioner led Structure and Prospects Appraisal  and was chosen as the preferred partner for potential merger with Southampton City College (CCS). The potential merger will be subject to the completion of due diligence, public consultation and a number of other processes. 


There are a number of benefits to Eastleigh College through this potential merger.  Eastleigh College already has good coverage in the Southampton area, as well as an excellent relationship with local businesses, and taking on CCS’s courses would provide additional variety of courses making both colleges more attractive and ultimately more robust at a time where funding cuts are leading many colleges to consider their futures.


This potential merger will build on the strong links and synergies between the two places that have existed for centuries.  The Borough of Eastleigh and the City of Southampton share infrastructure and travel to work areas, with residents crossing both into and out of each location every day.  There is one economy for both areas, with employers seeing them as one area, not constrained by local authority boundaries.”


(NOTE: Councillors Grajewski and Reynolds declared interests.)


Current Five Year Land Supply DOCX 19 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report of the Strategy Lead (Housing and Development) that required local planning authorities to identify and update annually a supply of specific and deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years’ worth of housing against its housing requirement.


The latest land supply was on the Council’s website .The Council was confident in its methodology and able to demonstrate that currently it had a 5.52 years supply of land for housing.


Emily Howbrook (Strategy Lead for Housing and Development) responded to a variety of questions including: what the Council expected going forward; updates on building completions; and contingency plans. She also advised that there would be an all members briefing on the Housing Development Programme prior to Council on 19 July 2018.


Emily advised that the projected five year housing land supply could be found online . Trend data on housing completion would be attached to the minutes.


The Chair added that he had requested information on this topic as it was important to monitor how the Council was doing with its housing land supply, and he would update the Panel on a regular basis as part of his Chairman’s report.


Cabinet Portfolio Plans pdf icon PDF 58 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to the report of the Strategic Planning Manager that set out, at a strategic level, how Cabinet members would champion projects and services to achieve the Corporate Plan (2015-2025) objectives.


Diccon Bright, Strategic Planning Manager, advised that the Council had not had Portfolio Plans before, this was something new, and Cabinet would now play a far stronger role in championing their portfolios. The new Cabinet portfolios had been established following the May 2018 local election and were broadly aligned to the Corporate Plan.


Following the adoption of the Corporate Plan 2015-2025 and four ‘themed’ Strategy documents (for the Environment, Health and Wellbeing, Housing and Development, and Economy) in February 2018, the Cabinet Portfolio

Plans were now proposed for approval when considered by Cabinet on 16 July 2018.


During discussion and consideration of the Plans, the Panel stated that key performance indicators were major requirement of every plan, to measure progress on performance and delivery of services. The Panel also suggested a number of other issues including:


·         that target dates be set so the Panel could measure performance against the set targets;

·         that the Portfolio holders be invited to answer questions by the Panel at future meetings;

·         that acronyms be removed;

·         that the tone and language of the Plans change to a corporate voice that was understandable and meaningful;

·         that there be less cross-cutting of objectives; and

·         that it included Brexit, industrial strategies, and working with other key partners.


The Chair added that he had enquired who had the overall responsibility for Health and Safety and had been advised by the Strategic Planning Manager that health and safety was every Cabinet Members’ responsibility as it related to their portfolios, and Member responsibility for Corporate Health and Safety rested with the Leader of the Council; the Council’s Facilities Manager is the officer responsible for Corporate Health and Safety, who is supported by a newly-appointed interim Corporate Health and Safety Officer. A review on Health and Safety was to be considered by the Audit and Resources Committee on 10 July 2018 where a full update would be presented.




That Cabinet consider the comments of this Panel on the new Portfolio Plans.


Cabinet Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 54 KB


The Panel considered the Cabinet Forward Plan of Key Decisions. The Corporate Director advised that there was not a lot of content for pre scrutiny at this present time, however, the Panel was welcome to post scrutinise topics if they so wished.


It was AGREED that the report be noted.


Work Programme pdf icon PDF 61 KB


Panel members considered their Work Programme to March 2019.


The Panel suggested the following topics be added to the work programme:


Recycling – date to be confirmed;

Street scene performance – during the winter;

Affordable housing - date to be confirmed; and

Key Performance Indicators – September 2018.


The Chair was very interested in scrutinising the Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) in the Borough, and especially the town centre. He therefore proposed a Task and Finish Group be convened to look at the problems and issues surrounding HMOs and asked for volunteers.


Councillors Couldrey, Doguie and Tyson-Payne volunteered and Councillor Grajewski offered to ask Councillor Broomfield who was absent from the meeting. Ross McClean, Strategic Lead for Health and Wellbeing, would be their first point of contact/co-ordinating officer for this work. 


It was AGREED that the Work Programme be noted and updated.


(NOTE: Subsequent to the meeting Councillor Broomfield volunteered to be part of the Task and Finish Group.)