Agenda and minutes

Audit and Resources Committee
Tuesday, 12 June 2018 6:15 pm

Venue: Rooms 16 and 17, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer, tel: 023 8068 8112 Email:  Sarah King, Corporate Director, Support Services (CFO), tel 023 8068 8011 Email:

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Public Participation


There was no public participation on this occasion.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 49 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2018.




That the Minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2018 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest in relation to items of business on the agenda.


Provisional Outturn Report DOCX 66 KB

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This item was taken fifth on the agenda.


Consideration was given to the report of the Corporate Director Support Services – Chief Financial Officer that presented the Council’s provisional financial position for 2017/18. There was a provisional small underspend of £230,000 compared to the revised budget after transfers to reserves and budget management items of £190,000 were taken into account, details of these were set out in paragraph 30 of the report that included £119,000 for Planning Performance Agreements which had already been approved. In considering this, Members requested that in future reports an additional paragraph would be helpful in explaining Planning Performance Agreements.


It was noted that the details provided within the report were subject to external audit and could change, and that the report would also to be considered by Cabinet on 14 June 2018.


Members, including those in attendance, scrutinised the report and asked a variety of questions. Those that could not be answered would be followed up with an email response as soon as possible.


Members were pleased to note that The Point and Berry Theatres were reporting a net break even position and looked forward to receiving the Business Plans at the next meeting.


The Corporate Director Support Services – Chief Financial Officer and her team were complimented on a very thorough and informative report.




That the report be noted


External Audit - Annual Fee Letter pdf icon PDF 32 KB


Martin Young, Manager EY, advised that the letter contained the indicative audit fee for the provision of services.


For the 2018/19 financial year, the Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd (PSAA) had set the scale fee for each audited body that had opted into its national auditor appointment scheme. Following consultation on its Work Programme and Scale of Fees, the PSAA had reduced the 2018/19 scale audit fee for all opted-in bodies by 23 percent from the fees applicable for 2017/18. Members were assured that although the fees were less, the service provided would be the same as that of 2017/18.


It was noted that Local Authorities would be responsible for their own housing subsidy claim in 2018/19 as this would not be covered by the PSAA.




That the 2018/19 Audit Fee Letter be noted


Appointments to a) Procurement Executive Group and b) Strategic Risk Management Group for 2018/19

(a)          Procurement Executive Group (2017-18 appointments were: Councillors M Atkinson and B Tennent)


(b)          Strategic Risk Management Group (2017-18 appointments were shared by: Councillors L Van Niekerk and W Irish)


The Chair advised that Councillor Atkinson had agreed to continue as the Audit and Resources representative on the Procurement Executive Group (PEG); there was a further place available to appoint from this Committee. The Chair advised that the meetings were currently held in the middle of the day at Eastleigh House, every 6-8 weeks. Members were to contact the Chair if interested and an appointment to PEG would be confirmed at the next meeting.




(1)         That Councillor M Atkinson be appointed to the Procurement Executive Group for 2018/19 and a further appointment be confirmed at the next meeting; and


(2)         That Councillor W Irish be appointed to the Strategic Risk Management Group for 2018/19.


Verbal Updates from Members Representing Strategic Risk Management Group (SRMG) / Procurement Executive Group (PEG)


(a)         Strategic Risk Management Group (SRMG)


Councillor Irish reported that:


·         SRMG heard that a working group was being set up to review the Council’s insurance contracts;


·         Any ongoing risks associated with the Future Eastleigh project would be considered either by the IT Board or the Change and Improvement Board;

·         The Group considered the Corporate Risk Register and made various comments to be referred back to Management Team in July. Senior managers had been asked to review risks relating to their area and ensure these were discussed as part of their management meetings;


·         Risk Management would be included in the Business Planning process for 19/20. Training was being planned for managers responsible for Business Plans so that they managed risk (and keep up-to-date risk registers) in line with Business Plans;

·         SRMG discussed risks to the Council from events on Council land, and reviewed a new events policy which was to be considered by Management Team; and

·         SRMG considered a Risk Appetite statement as a possible new aspect of the Council’s risk framework.

(b)         Procurement Executive Group (PEG)


Councillor Atkinson reported that there had not been a meeting. The next one was 19 June 2018 and she would report back next month.


Audit and Resources Committee Action List pdf icon PDF 52 KB


The Committee considered the Action List, which set out the recent decisions and subsequent actions arising from the Committee.


The Council owned land log – The Corporate Director Support Services advised that most of the land had now been mapped but she would report back next time, following a meeting of Management Team.


Service Redesign – emails and phone calls – this was still ongoing. Members requested a review of the latest figures, and it was also suggested that these issues should come under the remit of the Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel. The Democratic Services Officer would contact the Chair to seek his approval to transfer the issues raised by this Committee to the Panel.


The Service Redesign could be removed as this was now complete.


It was AGREED -


That the Action List be noted and the amendments listed above be made.


Cabinet Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 57 KB


The Committee considered the current Forward Plan of Key Decisions.


It was AGREED -


That the current Forward Plan be noted.


Audit and Resources Work Programme pdf icon PDF 54 KB


The Committee considered its current Work Programme and made relevant adjustments thereon.


It was AGREED -


That the Work Programme be noted.