Agenda item

Update from Clubs


Sub Aqua Club


Jonathan Banks reported that they had 53 members in the club, which was a good level. They got a natural dip through the year as members retired or finished training, so always kept membership higher to allow for this.


The open day was really good and created a spike of interest, in particular younger children that wanted to get involved, and membership would increase by 10 to 15% if they all signed up. They had settled in well to the new centre; there had been a few teething problems with regard to the turnstiles but overall it had been good. They were keen to get more settled and get a cage to store kit on site. There was a lot planned for the rest of year and the club was very active.




David Moore advised that it was currently closed season as they played from April to September. However, the artificial surface was available to members of public throughout year by a separate arrangement with Places for People Leisure and it was fairly active over there. The club wanted to note their appreciation to Dave Bowen from Eastleigh Borough Council and Stuart, the greenkeeper, as they got on well with both of them. In October 2017, they made improvements to the green and that went well. 


Janine Pickering added that Dave Bowen was purchasing the club’s new signs to tie in with the new facility.


Parkwood Dance


Jenny Kennett reported that they had settled in well and the team were really happy. The children and parents loved the new studio and the seating outside as they could be close to the studio. There had not been any issues with the turnstiles and the only thing that parents had found difficult was the change of food provision in the café as they no longer did hot food.


Membership had improved and the under 5s had slowly increased; there had been more enquiries as the studio was in a more prominent place in the centre.  There was a show in July 2018 and also a charity fundraiser.


Swim Club


Rob Atton extended thanks to all involved in the opening; there had been a few teething issues but the staff had been very helpful.  The open day went very well and there had been a spike in interest, in particular from the Over 60 category, and some members of the public had not realised there was a swim club however the new glass design of the building had helped with publicity.

Membership was at 130 members and 140 on the Learn to Swim programme. The new moveable pool had been really useful. There had been some issues with access for the learn to swim users as they were term time only but the staff had worked on this and it was almost resolved. The county championships had taken place this month with thirteen individual members of the club swimming in 46 events; they got through to eight finals and there were also sixteen relay teams that took part. There was a very solid performance compared to this time last year and the group was looking at other options for their members, such as strength training.


There had been a very good transition to the new centre however there was a slight issue with the heating above the main pool, as it could get quite hot there. In addition, anybody could get in via a door to the seating for the learning pool which was by the membership area; it was not an issue for the group as they knew all of their parents but something that should be noted.




Paul Kirkpatrick reported that they were generally very pleased with the new facility. It was a big change for their members, but they were getting used to it.


The AGM was planned for 26 March 2018 and the main item on agenda would be the future of the club.  Membership level (i.e. income) was sufficient to fund the old pool charges, but both membership and attendance needed to be increased to meet the increased charges for the new pool.


They had embarked on a publicity campaign, with a new Eastleigh Disability Swimming Facebook page and a new publicity flyer.  They had also attended the Community Day.


The club had a very enjoyable Christmas event at the Railway Institute, and the AGM would also include a social element.




Edward Szary advised that the gym users loved the new building as it had a nice finish and design features, although there had been some issues. There were no hooks in the showers and some members had raised that for a building that was going to be used through several decades there was no additional showers or changing rooms. Sometimes they had to queue for showers if it was a busy period.


Janine Pickering advised that the numbers were a recommendation from Sport England, as changing provisions were now lower in numbers due to lack of usage.


The group cycling classes have doubled in size which was good however there was some disappointment with the new bikes as they were quite complex for users. There was also an issue with access to the cycling room. When booking on the cycling classes, it was not always clear which class members were booking as the names were not clear and the virtual class did not tell you how long it lasted.


The fitness users had found the turnstiles difficult and they could be confusing, in particular with the Ipads and it was felt that this process could be clearer.


5-0 Club


Ann Hardy, coordinator of 5-0 Club, Sport For All SEN and Aqua Relax, advised that everything had gone well on the opening day and the Special Needs group were very excited about the new centre. The groups numbers had remained at the same amount; she felt that there was potential for this to increase and would ask about other ways to recruit. She felt privileged to work at the new building as it was so light and airy.


Some of the group members that had been attending for years had not returned due to the change of the building which was disappointing. Aqua Relax had just started and was on the third week; attendance has been okay with different people that attended each week. On one occasion she had to ask for help from a member of staff as a lady could not get in pool, so to hear about the new equipment that could be used for this was fantastic.