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General Fund Revenue Budget 2021/22 and Performance Monitoring to December 2020




The Budget underpins the Council’s ability to meet Strategic Priorities set out in the Corporate Plan. The Budget aligns the appropriate level of resource that enables services and projects to be delivered so that there is a direct impact on residents. The Budget is a vital management mechanism to ensure financial sustainability of the Council, fulfilment of statutory obligations, financial prudence and compliance. (Paper 6)




This year has seen an unprecedented level of uncertainty for the financial position of all services due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and as such the Budget process has been adapted to reflect this. Unlike in previous years further changes to the Revised Budget for 2020/21 will not be brought for approval, this is to help measure the full impact of Covid-19 related costs and losses. However, the Medium-Term Financial Plan (MTFP) reflects the forecast outturn position and includes anticipated future impacts of the pandemic and other emerging issues.




That Cabinet:


(1)  recommend Council approve service spending in line with forecast for 2020/21 which incorporates pressures and efficiencies as part of the Financial Monitoring to 31 December 2020 (Appendix G);


(2)  recommend Council set the net Revenue Budget requirement for 2021/22 at £9,914,000 and note the impact on the Council’s General Fund balance (para 12);


(3)  recommend Council note the provisional Local Government Finance

  settlement for 2020/21 (para 16);


(4)  recommend Council approve budget adjustments for 2021/22 in line  with the Medium Term Financial Plan (Appendices B & C);


(5)  recommend Council decrease the average Council Tax for Eastleigh Borough Council by 0.4% (1%below CPI) (para 21-25); and


(6)  recommend Council approve the Special Expenses for Parished and Non- Parished areas (para 26).

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