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Venue: The Golf Course Clubhouse, Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh

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Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 18 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on 10 April 2007 were agreed as a correct record.


Matters arising:


EDSAD: The Area Manager reported that work had been undertaken to rectify the size of the doorway of the changing cubicles to enable wheelchair access and that compensation had been received. 


Disabled Car Parking: It was reported that car parking was still a problem for wheelchair users, particularly as other users drove in and out of the car park.  The Area Manager confirmed that liaison was taking place with the Borough Council regarding the configuration of the car park and the marking of the motorcycle area as an area not to be used for parking.  Also, some lights in the car park were currently not working, as a cable had been damaged by a contractor.  The problem had now been identified and would be rectified.


Customer Comments – vacuum cleaning of pool: It was confirmed that this was carried out regularly and was now satisfactory.


Golf Club: It was reported that the green was no longer cracking due to the wet weather over the summer, but that ditching work now needed to be carried out to clear the surface water.  Quotes were being received for the necessary machinery and the work would start in November/December.




Appointment of Vice-Chairman for 2007/08


It was AGREED that Mr P Kirkpatrick be appointed Vice-Chairman of the Group for the year 2007/08.


General Management Report pdf icon PDF 20 KB


The Sport and Recreation Manager introduced a report which reviewed the programme and attendances at Fleming Park for the period March to August.  An update on completed and proposed projects was also provided and current issues highlighted.


Major works during this period included the resurfacing of the car park and additional disabled provision, the upgrading of the gym, the provision of the green keeper shed and the fitting of door magnets onto fire exits to prevent illegal access and egress.


Proposed future works included the development of a planning application for an additional four outside tennis courts.  Quotes were currently being considered for internal and external CCTV, which would include coverage of the bowling green.  It was expected that an extension to the disabled toilet in the Changing Village would be included in proposals for the next financial year.


As part of Health Initiatives, the GP referral scheme continued to be very successful and it was hoped that more funding might be received from the PCT.  Otherwise, parts of the scheme might be in jeopardy.


Programming for teenagers had been expanded to include Friday evening teen workout sessions in the gym, and a new Teens Circuit class was planned from the end of September to complement the Saturday and Sunday sessions.  In addition, the use of dance mats for classes or parties was being investigated.


A successful Family Fun Day had been held in August, attracting 150 people.   Unfortunately very few of the Centre’s clubs participated in the event, which was ideal for advertising and marketing to potential new customers.  Some club representatives reported that they had not received notice of the event, and this would be investigated. 


Attendances had increased by 17,731 compared to the same time last year, with the refurbishment of the gym and changing rooms resulting in a 7% increase.  However, adult swimming had decreased on the previous year, which reflected a national trend.  Swimming campaigns were being devised to try and attract customers.


Golf attendances were also falling and the number of meetings between DC Leisure, Fleming Park Golf Club and the Borough Council had increased to discuss this issue.  Other meetings also took place regularly to discuss the condition of the course.  The wet summer had hindered the work programme of the Head Green Keeper but this programme should still be delivered.  DC Leisure had also invested heavily in new machinery, at a cost of £48,000.  This would help improve the growth and development of the grass, whilst the new aeration equipment would help increase play during inclement weather.


Although the number of recorded incidents of vandalism had decreased, thefts and break-ins were higher and acts of anti-social behaviour remained the same.  DC Leisure, the Borough Council and the Police continued to work together to try and reduce these incidents.


The Borough Council and DC Leisure had agreed to commission another national benchmarking survey.  This would take place in October and it was hoped that the results would be brought to the next meeting.


In response to a query, it was confirmed that the upgrading of the Garden Room would be part of a review which would result in a new development plan for Fleming Park. 


The Chairman made reference to the continuing problem of golf balls landing on the M3 and asked that Golf Club members look out for intentional vandalism.


It was AGREED that the report be noted.


Proposed Scale of Charges 2008-9 pdf icon PDF 10 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to a report of the Sport and Recreation Manager, an appendix to which contained the charges for Fleming Park facilities from 1 April 2008 suggested by Borough Council and DC Leisure staff. 


The overall target for price increases was set by the Council, and for 2008/09 this figure was 4.5%.  However, some prices were below and some above this amount, depending on a number of factors.  In order to increase junior participation, for example, a number of junior charges had not been increased by 4.5%.


A number of golf charges had been frozen or reduced for 2006/07.  It had been difficult to analyse the effect of this pricing policy on attendances, although income from the selected charges was less than last year.  It had been decided to revert back to a more traditional pricing policy for 2008/09.


Group members had a number of queries concerning swimming, special activities and membership fees for clarification, but no comments for reporting to the Council’s Cabinet.


It was AGREED that the report be noted.


Update from Clubs


Fleming Park Squash Club: Mr Cleeter reported that a successful application had been made to the Borough Council for a grant and also that the Club had a website, which had attracted a number of new members. There were now five boxes in the league and games could be played at any time and booked ten days in advance.


Bettermaths: Mr Kuttner reported that students had gained very good results for the Key Stages and GCSEs taken in June.  He suggested that regular leaflet exchanges be set up between the Clubs and the General Manager agreed to investigate this possibility.


Fleming Park Bowling Club: Mr Bunting reported that mats had had to be used on a number of occasions over the summer due to the bad weather.  The 1st and 2nd teams were in the 1st league of their respective divisions, as were the 3rd and 4th mens teams.  The A Team ladies had been promoted to the 3rd league and two members had been selected to play for the County in the Middleton Cup.  A grant had been received from the Borough Council which had been used to purchase a wheelchair for disabled players.  The main hall of the pavilion had been redecorated and the purchase of a sound system was being investigated.  A near act of vandalism had been averted when two boys were found trying to bicycle on the green.  This had not been reported, but the Chairman urged all representatives to report any such near acts of vandalism in future.


Fleming Park Tennis Centre: Mr Cutler reported that the Tennis Centre was working with DC Leisure, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Lawn Tennis Association and the Toynbee School Partnership trying to make the sport open to all and to increase participation.  They were primarily involved in coaching, with 100 adults and 46 children attending each week.  28 of the 46 children were in a tennis academy and the Centre had worked with 1800 schoolchildren over the year.  All available areas had been used and it was hoped that additional tennis courts and accommodation for a shelter could be provided in the future.  In addition, a community tennis coach was now available at Fleming Park. 


Fleming Park Golf Club: Mr Wheavil reported that he had invited the Chandler’s Ford Central Club to an event and booked the Golf Clubhouse.  However, although he had kept checking that the booking had been made, he was eventually told that the Clubhouse had been booked for another event.  The Chairman requested that a written explanation be provided by DC Leisure, with a copy to himself.    


Southwick Park Golf Club had written a letter stating that they were disappointed with the course.  DC Leisure staff thought that this comment related to the layout of the course rather than its condition.


24 members of Gosport and Stokes Bay Club had visited Fleming Park and reported that the layout of the course was good.


The David Miller Trophy and Presidents Day had recently been held.


Mr Wheavil considered that action was required to improve the playing surface of the course which, amongst other problems, currently contained a large number of weeds.  In addition, he raised a number of other issues, to which the Area Manager responded that post-consultative meetings had been set up to discuss specific issues relating to the Golf Club.  The Chairman reiterated this and asked that the minutes of the post-consultative meetings be sent to him.  The suggestion was made that an independent consultant be asked to inspect the course and it was  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.


Date of Next Meeting


It was AGREED that the next meeting be held on Tuesday 25 March 2008 at the Golf Clubhouse.


Any Other Business


Hockey Club: The Sport and Recreation Manager reported on behalf of Mr Sykes from Eastleigh Hockey Club, who was unable to attend the meeting.  He requested that action be taken against cyclists using the ATP during hockey matches.  He also asked that the nets be looked at and prepared before each game, as the ties were not sufficient.  The General Manager replied that the cycling issue would be raised at the next duty managers’ meeting.  A Borough Council bye law prohibited cycling in this area, and signage could be produced.  Also, the provision of a number punch on one of the gates was being considered.  With regard to the nets, it was confirmed that they were checked weekly, but that the matter would be investigated.


5.0 Club: The General Manager reported on behalf of Mrs Abraham, who was unable to attend the meeting.  Attendances at the Club were still good and customers were very happy with the service provided.


Fleming Park Tennis Centre: On behalf of the coaching team, Mr Cutler thanked the operational team for their assistance.


Floodlights: Mr Flannigan asked whether his suggestion at a previous meeting regarding the provision of double floodlights for the ladies football team had been considered.  The General Manager confirmed that she had spoken to the team and the issue with floodlighting had now been resolved.


Golf Club Honours Board: Mr Flannigan reported that the Honours Board had been removed from the Golf Clubhouse.  The Area Manager replied that the Clubhouse was not well used by Golf Club members and the decision had been made to screen off the end part of the Clubhouse to enable use for meetings and other events, with the provision of food and beverage.  In addition, the whole Clubhouse was available for private functions and on these occasions notice was given that the Clubhouse would be closed to Club members.  Alternative arrangements were in place for the locating of the Honours Board.      


Local Grants:  The Chairman reported that all County Councillors had a small budget for the allocation of grants in their area.  If any of the Clubs had a project for which they required funding, they were welcome to apply for a grant by contacting their local County Councillor.  The grants could not, however, be used for revenue purposes.