Agenda and minutes

Places Leisure Eastleigh Consultative Group - Tuesday, 5 April 2011 7:00 pm

Venue: The Park Suite, Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh

Contact: Julia Roy, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8133; Email: 

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Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 16 KB


The Minutes of the meeting on 12 October 2010 were agreed as a correct record.


On Minute 3 (Proposed Scale of Charges from January 2011) the Sport and Active Lifestyles Manager reported that the charges for the outside football artificial pitches were being reconsidered and would be reviewed in the report to the Group in October 2011.


General Management Report pdf icon PDF 14 KB


The Sport and Active Lifestyles Manager introduced a report containing updates on major projects, attendances, current initiatives and partnership working at Fleming Park between September 2010 and February 2011.


Major projects included:


·  Roofing works to resolve the ongoing issue of a leak in squash court 1.  New floors were to be provided during the summer holiday, if the roofing works were deemed successful; 

·  Replacement of the pool control panel and water meter;

·  Remedial works to the grass pitches, including moving of the pitches to protect the turf;

·  Replacement of the poolside hoist, funded by the Aiming High project.  A ramp had also been provided and it was hoped that the hoist would be in use in the near future. 

·  The production of the Fleming Park Development Plan; this had been delayed, although work had started on the consideration of another pool, a new gym and a possible ice rink.  Another meeting of the Group might be convened during the summer to discuss the Plan. 


Total attendances had fallen by 3.5% compared with the same period the previous year, although 5.O attendances had risen by approximately 600.  Junior attendances had also decreased and a number of activities had had to be cancelled.  The fall in gym attendances reflected increased competition and the effect of the economic downturn.  DC Leisure staff were currently working with customers to ensure that the right programme was offered.


Health works and health walks, however, were on the increase.  The scheme was recognised as the best in Hampshire and had recently won a silver medal in the regional accreditation scheme.  The scheme was heavily dependent on the current 29 volunteer walkers.


The Active Buddy scheme, whereby volunteers accompanied people with disabilities during exercise to provide support and encouragement, had played an important role in engaging more people with disabilities in sport and physical activity.  The scheme had approximately 20-25 disabled users and the same number of volunteers and was still growing.  Paul Kirkpatrick reported that disabled swimmers, in particular, had been helped by this scheme.  In addition, the Aiming High project had provided a number of inclusive cycles to enable disabled people to try cycling, with an able bodied volunteer.  Although not road legal, they had been used in the Park and the Main Hall.  It was hoped that a track around Fleming Park could be provided in the future. 


A car park survey was to be carried out after Easter, to determine who was using the car park and the length of stay and whether charges after, for example, 4 hours would be appropriate.  A discussion took place around parking issues, particularly if developments such as an ice rink were to be pursued.


In conjunction with DC Leisure, Eastleigh College was hiring the Garden Room as a full time classroom, delivering sport and leisure courses.  The Training Room, another training provider, was to occupy the old golf shop area and the gym to teach fitness trainees.  Both of these ventures would provide much needed revenue for the Centre.


The Chairman advised that any ideas from Group members for activities which would bring more people into the Centre would be welcomed and considered.


It was AGREED that the report be noted.







Update from Clubs


Ballet: Lynne Massey reported that:


·  Membership was steady, with plenty of young children starting ballet to replace the older ones leaving;

·  70 children had taken exams before Christmas and had performed well;

·  £8,000 had been raised in aid of Naomi House following an event at Thornden School; and

·  The studio was now cleared before classes and thanks were given to DC Leisure staff.


5.0 Club: Cath Abraham reported that:


·  Membership was erratic;

·  Racquetball had become popular and the chief coach was coming to Centre.  An advanced course was planned for May;

·  The Club was publicised on Radio Solent every 2 months;

·  3 gold and 1 silver medal had been won at the REACT Games.  A bid had been submitted for the 2011 games to take place at the Centre.  Another Group member queried whether a sports personality could present the prizes and it was confirmed that this was being investigated.

·  It had been noted that the car park flooded in heavy rain.  The General Manager reported that this had been due to blocked drains, which had now been cleared; and

·  Litter bins upstairs were often very full at weekends.  The General Manager advised that these were emptied on Saturday and Sunday, but that special events and parties often meant that they filled up again very quickly.


Bowls: Richard Bunting reported that:


·  The previous season had been very successful, with a member winning both the County and District Championship for the first time in 40 years; 

·  Members had also reached the last 4 of the County Club Championship; 

·  Work had been carried out on the outside of the Club, with new gates being provided by the Borough Council;

·  The lighting had been updated in the Clubhouse and the toilet suites upgraded;

·  The green was looking good and the new season would start on Saturday 16th April, with Councillor Mrs Holden-Brown bowling the first wood;

·  Membership remained static, with members leaving and joining; and

·  In May, Saturday and Sunday morning sessions would be offered free of charge to encourage people to try bowling and hopefully join the Club.


Tennis: Richard Cutler reported that:


·  Membership had increased by 30%, with 180 attending weekly for coaching;

·  An Open Day was to be held on Easter Monday;

·  Adult tournaments were now held for cash prizes;

·  An Under 16 Championship for schools was to be held this year;

·  A disability tennis programme, in conjunction with Aiming High, had been held over the winter, with 120 children attending; and

·  DC Leisure staff were thanked for their flexibility with bookings and for sorting out problems, resulting in no sessions being cancelled.


EDSAD: Paul Kirkpatrick reported that:


·  A recent Aiming High event had been very successful; and

·  It had been queried whether the lights in the foyer could be automatic.  The General Manager agreed to investigate this.


Squash: The Democratic Services Officer gave the following report, on behalf of Steve Johnson:


·  Steve Johnson had taken over the role of Chairman of the Club in December 2010;

·  The core group of Club members had steadily diminished since last summer and attracting regular guests and converting them to full membership was quite a challenge, although regular guest numbers had increased since the beginning of 2011;

·  The Club remained a non-profit making organisation and membership subscriptions had not been increased in line with the Fleming Park court charges that took effect in January, as every effort was being made to keep costs to a minimum.



Any Other Business


Badminton Courts: A query was raised on behalf of a badminton player, who had asked whether diffusers could be provided on the lights on the courts.  The General Manager agreed to investigate this.


Presenting of Prizes: Reference was made to Dani King, a young local cyclist, who had won the world championships, and it was queried whether she could perhaps present the prizes at events at Fleming Park.  The Sport and Active Lifestyles Manager confirmed that the Council was in contact with Dani and could ask her to be a guest speaker with regard to the Eastleigh Sports Awards.


Aiming High: Paul Kirkpatrick thanked Janine Pickering for her hard work on the Aiming High project.


Date of next meeting


The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 11 October 2011.