Agenda and minutes

Places Leisure Eastleigh Consultative Group - Tuesday, 14 March 2017 6:00 pm

Venue: The Park Suite, Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8112 Email: 

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Tour of the new Fleming Park Leisure Centre

There will be a tour of the new Fleming Park Leisure Centre before the meeting. Please confirm your attendance so that the correct amount of H&S equipment can be arranged.


Refreshments will follow in the Park Suite at 7pm


Gareth Drake, Project Manager, Interserve, provided a private tour for the Group around the construction site of the new leisure centre. The new centre was being built on land adjacent to the current centre and the project was on budget, on time, and set to be completed by the end of November 2017.


The Group was very impressed with the size of the building and the spaces that had been allocated to specific activities. It was explained that an enormous amount of meetings had taken place, at virtually every stage of the design and construction phases, with a variety of different partners, including Sport England. These would continue through to its completion to ensure that every detail was thoroughly thought through and that the leisure centre would become the very best it could possibly be.


Although it was a construction site at the time of the tour, the development was evolving into an inspiring and striking structure. The main pool had been partially filled in order to test for pressures and water tightness. This had to be undertaken slowly and testing would continue over the following few weeks before the main pool tiling could be applied. The smaller pool was under construction but not yet at the testing stage. Ceramic tiles were being fixed to the walls of the changing rooms, and the laying of the high specification wooden spring floor in the vast main hall would soon commence.


The Group thanked Gareth for a very informative tour and looked forward to seeing the completed building in November 2017.


Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 124 KB


The Minutes of the meeting held on 4 October 2016 were agreed as a correct record subject to amending the attendance as follows:


DC Leisure was Places for People

J Birt and S Urquhart had not been in attendance.


Places For People Update on Performance


Peter Leamore, Places for People, gave apologies for Jo Parker who was unable to attend the meeting due to health issues and would be unavailable for a few months. Everyone was very sorry to hear the news and wished her all the best and a speedy recovery.


Jo had provided Peter with the following update:


The Fleming Park Leisure Centre continued to perform well. It was a challenging year to keep services ticking along, in a very tired building, until the new centre was ready, and only essential spending was being undertaken.


November – With the help of the new Leisure Centre’s contractors, Interserve, Fleming Park had raised £763.09 for Children in Need by cycling a total of 484 miles on a static bike in reception, which was the equivalent of riding to Pudsey, Leeds and back.  A number of events had taken place including a cake stall, book stall, and tombola to name but a few, and Interserve had contributed by charging contractors to park in the compound on the day.


November – A Macmillan coffee morning in conjunction with Badminton England raised £280 through cake and coffee purchases, and “5.O” badminton income in the morning was also donated to this great cause.


December - John Bloomfield, Fitness Instructor, taught his first “Spin Class” in over a year after battling cancer and learning to walk again.  He also won an award at the Sports Award in February.


January - Fleming Park undertook a Quest two-day assessment.  This was an Industry benchmarking assessment.  The scores ranged from Satisfactory, Good, and Very Good and Excellent. Fleming Park had scored a “Very Good” and advised to enter the Flame Awards next year as the Community Outcomes Module proved to be one of the best the Assessor had ever come across.  This was a direct result of the excellent partnership Fleming Park had with Eastleigh Borough Council. 


January - This saw the launch of Fleming Park’s new “Locker App”.  This was an app that people could use to book classes on line, register activity levels, join in challenges and much more.


New programmes for the community  launched “walking netball”, “squash girl can”, mum and baby LBT to name a few.


Peter was hoping that the transition period to the new centre would be as seamless as possible. There was to be a two week window in which to transfer, sell or give to the community all the equipment that was not going to be moved. There would be a few logistical problems but Interserve had been extremely accommodating. Fleming Park was working with Eastleigh Borough Council and Sport England to ensure better monitoring of visits using ‘customer clever’.

Carl Jenkins pointed out that his running club needed access to changing room facilities on a regular basis even if they did not use other facilities on site.


The Chairman thanked Peter for the update.


Update from Clubs




Lydia Browning reported that there were now 112 swimmers in the club and a waiting list. The ‘Learn to Swim’ was full which was encouraging. Twelve swimmers had qualified for the County championships and received one silver and two bronzes. A new head coach had been appointed. The Chair, one of the winners of the sports awards in February, had taken part in the Ice swimming Championships in Scotland in February.


Running Club


Carl Jenkins reported that they now had 280 members, which averaged up to eight new members each month. The Club competed in many local and national events, with the Eastleigh 10K taking place on Sunday 19 March.

2017. In the cross country league both ladies and men had come third which was a great achievement. There were lots of other achievements for the Club and it was doing really well.




Lynne Massey reported that the classes were going very well however the pre-school classes were still dropping. There were sixty two students in April taking graded exams and a charity gala set to take place in July.


5 0 Club


Ann Hardy reported that Vicky Betts had received gold in Badmington, and the Club had done very well at the REACT Games with a Gold Silver and Bronze. The special needs group maintained good support, and the club membership was doing well.




Roland Fugh reported that the club had gone from strength to strength. One member who was visually impaired had taken part in the combined universities championships, and the National championships had secured six golds, five silver and five bronze medals.


Eastleigh Gym Users


Edward Szary reported that there was a slight issue with the computer system where people were booking sessions and then cancelling them an hour before. Peter Leamore felt that an hour was not long enough and he would feed this back.


Edward also said that he had also been asked why the steam and sauna was not available at 7 am.



Paul Kirkpatrick reported that numbers remained at 25 and he hoped to hang on to this amount until the new pool was available.


Squash Club


The Chairman read out an email received from Steve Johnson, who was unable to attend, regarding the key points:


·  2016 maintained core membership group, but guest numbers were low throughout the year.


·  2017 has started with a significant influx of new players, of all ages and playing ability.


·  Guest numbers had remained healthy for the first two months of the year, with several players planning to convert to full membership at the start of April.


·  Increased attendance had led to recent requirement to extend the club court bookings.


·  Racketball continued to be in the ascendance, with more than half of the members and guests playing on a regular basis.


·  Members continued to take advantage of the off-peak discount scheme that has been in place with Fleming Park for the last couple of years.


·  Running as a non-profit organization, and despite continued year-on-year court cost increases, the club had managed to maintain membership fees at the same level for several years now, and whilst increased guest numbers help to maintain this benefit, there is some concern as to whether there would be an added hike in court fees after the move to the new centre?

The answer to this was that they would go up a little.

Players were looking forward to the completion of the new centre, but wanted to know (if possible):

  • By when was the new facility expected to open?

November 2017


Customer Comments


Lucy May, Places for People, reported that the Centre received over 1.2 million visitors and the majority of comments had been about cleanliness which would be resolved once they were in the new building.


There had been positive feedback that the gym and exercise staff were extremely welcoming and friendly, and inclusive of new members.


Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting was agreed to be held on 3 October 2017.


Any Other Business


Carl Jenkins reported that parking was becoming a significant issue and his runners were starting to use the Matalan car park.


He was advised that unfortunately the problem would be an issue for a few more months yet, until the old building was demolished and an extra twenty five percent of spaces were lined out. The old civic offices car park had been re-gravelled and was again open for you as an overflow carpark.


Andy Thompson, Eastleigh Borough Council, advised that this was his last meeting as he was getting more involved with his new role as Area Manager, and that Janine Pickering would be replacing him in her new role as Lead Specialist for Health and Wellbeing on 1 April 2017.


The Chairman thanked Andy and officially welcomed Janine to the Group.