Agenda and minutes

Places Leisure Eastleigh Consultative Group - Tuesday, 19 September 2017 6:00 pm

Venue: The Park Suite 1, Fleming Park Leisure Centre, Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8112, Email: 

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Tour of the new Fleming Park Leisure Centre at 6pm

There will be a tour of the new Fleming Park Leisure Centre before the meeting. Please confirm your attendance at least 24 hours before the meeting so that the correct amount of H&S equipment can be arranged.


Please meet in reception at 5.50pm for a prompt start at 6pm.


Refreshments will be available in the Park Suite from 6.30pm


Gareth Drake, Project Manager, and Paul Phillips, Operational Buildings Manager, once again provided a private tour for the Group around the construction site of the new leisure centre. The last tour, in March, had been in the dark and this time the daylight gave a very different perspective, and the Group were also able to walk around the outside of the building and see how it fitted in with the park landscape. With huge glass windows bringing the outside in; the walls and floors now fitted out; and fixtures and fittings in place, it had become an even more impressive building.


Huge glue laminated roof joists had been imported from Germany and installed above the pool; the wooden spring floors were now in the dance studios and vast main hall, and it was just coming down to the last few weeks of fitting out before it was complete.


Many consultation meetings had taken place, at virtually every stage of the design and construction phases, with a variety of different partners, including Sport England. These would still continue through to its completion to ensure that every detail was thoroughly thought through and the centre would be the best it could possibly be. The new centre would be called ‘Places Leisure Eastleigh’.


Janine Pickering, Lead Specialist for Health and Wellbeing, advised that if the Group had any further thoughts or questions to contact her directly.


The Group thanked Gareth and Paul for a very informative tour and looked forward to the opening before the end of the year.


Appointment of Vice-Chair


The Group were very pleased to appoint Paul Kirkpatrick as Vice-Chair for 2017/18.


Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 213 KB

To consider the minutes of the Consultative Group held on 14 March 2017.


The Minutes of the meeting held on 14 March 2017 were agreed as a correct record.


Peter Leamore, Places for People, added that the centre had taken a fresh approach to cleaning and would invest in resources and equipment. The new centre had easier surfaces and finishes which would be better for cleanliness.


Places For People Limited Update on Performance


The Group welcomed back Jo Parker, General Manager, (PfP) who had been unable to attend the last meeting.


Jo provided the following updates:


The Centre continued to perform well. Four new programmes had been added to the group exercise classes; two Zumba strong, and two new yoga sessions. Around 2000 children were now swimming each week. Laura Cowper had been recruited as the new mobilisation manager and now had £1.236M worth of equipment to unwrap and check before the move. Jo confirmed that all the concessions would be moving to the new centre. The gym and trampolining classes were to expand and they hoped to be able to offer more inclusive sessions next year. Emily Allen and Hazel Gale (PfP) had been looking at the programming to ensure balanced programmes on both wet and dry sides.


The biggest challenge currently was maintaining the aged building which would be 43 in October 2017.


Emily was in charge of the new group exercise launch, which would be a throwback to the 70s, with a fun day to celebrate what had been achieved.


Peter Leamore was still hoping that the transition period to the new centre would be as seamless as possible. The tricky bit was to educate customers, who enjoyed a very open access to the present centre at the moment, however the new one would be restricted. They were looking at a variety of access devices that would accommodate both large and small groups. Every customer would become a member, whether they were a casual or regular user. In response to concerns raised by Carl Jenkins regarding the access for the running clubs, he was advised that the centre was aware of the issues and were looking at access options available. To mitigate any teething problems ‘Place Makers’ would be available to help users through their first steps when the new centre opened.


Proposed Scale of Charges from Opening Date of Eastleigh's New Leisure Centre pdf icon PDF 219 KB


Consideration was given to the report of the Lead Specialist for Health and Wellbeing that proposed a scale of charges effective from the opening date of the new leisure centre.


This report had already been approved by Management Team and it was now before the Consultative Group for consideration and comment.


As the new centre was due to open at the end of the year it seemed more sensible that the annual price increase came into effect upon opening and not January 2018, thereby avoiding two price rises in near succession. The next increase would take effect from January 2019.


The Group considered and agreed the increase of charges, which they felt reflected the quality of the new centre.


Update from Clubs




Lynne Massey reported that the classes were going very well and it had been a good start to the term.




Lydia Browning advised that she was maintaining 110/112 swimmers in the club. Three people had qualified for the regional championships and the Hampshire County Championships would be in January 2018.


Subsequent to the meeting Lydia announced that she was no longer part of the swimming club and would be replaced on the Group by Rob Atton.




Ed Szary reported that there was an issue with the computer system and direct debit subscription payments on weekends. Peter Leamore advised that the system was now doing everyday direct debit so hopefully that would be much better in the future. Facial recognition technology was also being considered at access points but PfP wanted it to be fully tested before they took this further. Carl Jenkins warned that it would have trouble recognising people with beards.


Ed also added that there were still a few glitches with the booking system; Jo Parker advised that the faults had been logged and sent to their HQ. Peter added that all would be well in the new centre with its new computer system; they would just have to limp along with the old one for a few more weeks.


5 0 Club


Ann Hardy reported that the special needs group membership was doing well although encouragement was need to increase numbers. Janine advised that they were thinking of chair based exercises that could be part of the club.




Paul Kirkpatrick reported that he maintained a stable membership of 25 with 15-20 attended each week and he was looking forward to the new centre opening.




Roland Fugh reported that the club had gone from strength to strength with new adult members. Intercounty competitions had taken place where the junior boys had won gold and the girls had done well too. There had been a boost in members at the start of term for the 5-8 year old class.


Sub Aqua Club


David Blenkarn reported that there was steady membership of 50 members. They had gone on a variety of trips to various places in the UK and now they were starting their training period. He was very impressed with the new centre and would pick up with Emily Allen regarding the times in the pool. In response to his question on an open day, Peter Leamore advised that there would be an official event day in February/ March 2018. Posters would no longer be dotted around the building; instead they were looking to install digital screens to promote the clubs and cross reference with events on the EBC site. Emily was also looking into a ‘Club Tab’ on the website.


Running Club


Carl Jenkins reported that the club was maintaining its 280 member. There was a six-week beginner session taking place with EBC and when that finished the membership could increase to over 300. It was doing well in dominating local events. The ladies, who had taken part in the Hampshire Road Running League had run consistently over a period of time and secured positions in League 1 from League 2 which was a great achievement. One member ran and won his first marathon in the Southampton Marathon in under three hours which was an amazing accomplishment. Carl added that he still had concerns over future access.


Janine asked all members to consider people to be nominated for the Eastleigh Sports Awards.


Customer Comments


Lucy May, Operations Manager, reported that the cleanliness problem mentioned in the Minutes had reduced and this would be resolved once they had moved. The website and bookings had caused a few problems when the site had been launched but it had levelled out and again this would hopefully be completely resolved in the new centre.


Very positive feedback that the gym and exercise staff were extremely welcoming, friendly, and inclusive of new members; and Luke the popular lifeguard, had been promoted to duty manager.


The Group enquired about the car park layout and if disabled parking was designed to enable people to access the centre without crossing roads; and also to ensure that incoming vehicles did not cross in front of outgoing vehicles. The Group was advised that this was being looked into.


Any Other Business


Official opening – Janine Pickering (EBC) reported that they would be looking for local heroes to officially open the new centre in February and if there were any recommendations to please let her know as soon as possible.