Agenda and minutes

Places Leisure Eastleigh Consultative Group - Tuesday, 9 October 2018 7:00 pm

Venue: Places Leisure Eastleigh, Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh

Contact: Matt Dobrowolski, Case Management Officer Tel: 023 8068 8080, Email: 

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Welcome and Apologies


Members welcomed Councillor Campbell as the Chair of the meeting in her role as Cabinet Member for Social Policy.


Councillor Campbell acknowledged the excellent job that Councillor Alan Broadhurst had completed throughout his time as the previous Chair of the group and thanked him as he was really engaged and enthusiastic about supporting such a fantastic facility.


Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 72 KB

To consider the minutes of the meeting on 6 March 2018.


The minutes of the meeting held on the 6 March 2018 were agreed as a correct record.


Councillor Broomfield noted that there had been a discussion at the last meeting regarding the car park. He noted that he had felt quite unsafe in the car park as there was no pedestrian route.


Janine Pickering advised that the decision had been made to move to the main car park as soon as possible as the temporary car park was becoming hard to manage. The car park was a phased project and there was a plan in place for the next six to eight weeks to move to Phase Two. This would include pedestrian pathways and a clear access route for walking, as well as zebra crossings and raised humps. In addition, signs would be put in with clearer directions and to indicate the disabled and parent and child parking bays.


Dave Moore, Bowls, asked whether anything had been done to address the lack of street lighting on Kornwestheim Way that was noted in the last minutes, as this continued to be unsafe.


Janine Pickering advised that a new development had recently been approved on the old Civic Office site however she was unsure if this would include lighting. It was agreed that she would look into this and provide an update.


Fees and Charges pdf icon PDF 60 KB


Consideration was given to the report of the Lead Specialist for Health and Wellbeing that proposed the updated Fees and Charges for the next year.


The charges had been agreed between Eastleigh Borough Council Officers and the Places Leisure team for due diligence. The recommendation was a 3.5% increase; this had been applied as a general rule however individual charges had been looked at to see if this was appropriate.


School costs had been removed as they were being charged at a higher rate and this was felt to be unfair; these costs would now be applied at a Junior Rate to all of the schools.


One member raised that they felt the cost of swimming at £5.10 was high; it was agreed that this would be looked into to see if it was comparative to other centres locally.


The Group considered and agreed the increase of charges.


Building Defects


Pete Leamore, Area Manager, advised they had settled in to the new centre and the building was practically complete, however there were a number of defects within the building that needed to be finished and some areas were not to the standard that they would like them to be. There was a log of issues that was kept up to date and Interserve were working through those. A number of the simpler items had been addressed, however there were a number of more complex issues that would need additional time to work through.


A meeting was held on the 28 September 2018 with Eastleigh Borough Council Officers and contractors to go through the log and the most serious issues that needed to be actioned as a matter of priority were highlighted. This has now been passed to Interserve and their sub-contractors to address.


The Squash Club had raised an issue with the squash courts; as they had moveable walls, there was a gap behind the track that the walls moved along which meant that balls could drop down behind the wall and get lost. This had been highlighted and it was hoped there would be a resolution to this quickly; Interserve would go back to the installer to see if there could be a modification to the court.


Another main issue was the hot water temperature on initial use of the showers; the manufacturers had made a few changes and said that the water was within tolerance. Pete advised that the Places Leisure team had not accepted this and the issue had been escalated to the top of the service to address.


Paul Kirkpatrick asked whether there was a backup supply to the pool pod and lift; it was agreed Places Leisure would confirm this.


Ann Hardy raised an issue with the steps into the learner pool. There was difficulty for parents with small children when they needed to get into the pool whilst holding their children and the safety around this.


Pete advised that this had been considered however there was not an easy solution; there was the possibility of temporary steps however these needed to be large and on rollers to meet the requirements of the moveable floor, whilst also practical for staff to safely use.


It was agreed that more promotion of the pool lift would be used on social media so that customers were aware that this was available for use and additional training for staff would be provided to proactively offer this to customers.


The Group were advised to email Jo Parker with any defects and they would be added to the log.


Places For People Limited Update on Performance


Jo Parker, General Manager, reported that they were very pleased with the progress over the last ten months and they had seen an increase in usage.


She shared the following updates;


In July 2018 37,312 individuals had attended the centre each week with a 56.6% male bias, the average age was 30.75 and 49% of customers were aged between 20 – 49 years old. Attendance levels varied, for instance in June 2018 there were 23,307 individuals in a week.


In comparison to 27 November 2017, the July figures showed a weekly increase of 16, 779 visits.


During January 2018 to August 2018, there had been a total of 26,525 attendances more at swimming compared to the old centre during the same period and since opening the new centre, 470 more children were swimming each week.


In August 2018, Group exercise classes had seen a total of 21,489 more attendances compared to at the old centre.


The centre overall had been very busy and Hazel Brennan, Bookings Co-Ordinator, had put a great programme in place.


Update from Clubs




Lyn Massey reported that attendance was good and the children were enjoying the classes and loved the studio. It was going very well and there were lots of new children attending, as the studio was in a more prominent place and they received more footfall.


The group had completed a performance in the Summer for the Mary Parish Trust and raised £6100 for the new general hospital theme for the children. Around 60 of the children were preparing for exams at the end of the term.


Eastleigh Running Club


Dean Pottitt advised that the club had reached its 30th year. They had over 200 members and the members were involved at pacing at various County events which included the Southampton Marathon, Winchester Half Marathon and Eastleigh 10k. They had five coaches that met England Athletics standard. The Committee was completely new this year and was reviewing how the club functioned.


Running habits had changed and far more races were held on a Sunday; previously there used to be around thirty to fifty people at a Monday night meet and this had dropped to around twenty to thirty, predominately due to the Sunday racing. They were focusing on coaching and speed work on a Tuesday once a month at Wyvern which was going well. They hadn’t held a beginners course this year however were taking on new members that could already run up from 5k.


Forever Active


Ann Hardy reported that this was previously the 5-0 Club and was now called Forever Active. The club was doing really well and was improving all of the time. Forever Active and Sport For All members adored the new facilities. Aqua Relax classes had picked up which was positive.




Steve Johnson sent his apologies and provided an update prior to the meeting, which was shared with the Group.

Core player numbers had remained relatively stable, however it was a slowly diminishing number directly attributable to the fact that the centre still provided clubs with no means for on-site advertising. Therefore attracting guest players and new members continued to be a major challenge to the clubs viability over the longer term. They continued to promote the club using social media and word of mouth however it was felt that consideration of the provision of some form of notice board would allow promotion more effectively on site.

The club had also had difficulties due to the defect on the squash courts.

Pete Leamore advised that they had moved away from the use of notices boards and had digital boards that the club could advertise on and they were also able to bring a pop up banner on squash night if they wished to.


It was agreed that Places Leisure would email all clubs to specify the details required for promotion on the digital screen and that they would also look at the old club page on the website and update this.




Gary Waughman introduced himself and advised that he managed coaching development within Hampshire for Premier Tennis. He congratulated everybody who had been involved with the delivery of the new state of the art leisure centre; it was a credit to everybody and Premier Tennis really enjoyed working with their partners. Their prime goal was to make tennis accessible to as many people as they could in the local and surrounding areas.


The tennis programme was growing and the number of participants had increased. Premier Tennis had taken on the contract of managing the tennis courts and delivering a coaching programme at Places Leisure Eastleigh in April 2018. Since then, they  ...  view the full minutes text for item 27.


Customer Comments


Jo Parker reported that when the centre had initially opened, they had received a high level of feedback however this was now much more manageable and complaints had reduced over the last few months.


Two complaints had been received in the last month; one was in relation to the advertisement of swimming prices on the website.


Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 5 March 2018 at 7pm.


Any Other Business


Marianne Cairley, Specialist for Health and Wellbeing, advised that the Eastleigh Sports Awards would be held on Monday 11 February 2019. Nominations would be open from 19 October 2018. There would also be a new category this year, School of the Year, which would be open to schools that engaged pupils to be more active outside of the curriculum.


Janine Pickering also noted the Places Leisure Eastleigh project had also received three awards so far in 2018;


-  ICE Engineering Excellence Award for Community Benefit

-  ICE Engineering Excellence South Award for Engineering Excellence

-  Local Authority Building Control Award for Best Large Commercial Building


Later in the year, they would be putting the centre forward to more of the leisure industry awards such as FLAME and UK Active.


Election of Vice Chair for 2018 - 2019


It was noted that the Election of Vice-Chair was due to be agreed at the meeting.


Paul Kirkpatrick was nominated to continue in the position of Vice-Chair which members agreed.