Agenda and minutes

Places Leisure Eastleigh Consultative Group - Tuesday, 3 March 2020 7:00 pm

Venue: Places Leisure, Passfield Avenue, Eastleigh, SO50 9NL

Contact: Keeley MItchell, Case Management Officer Tel: 023 8068 3873, Email: 

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Minutes of Previous Meeting and Matters Arising pdf icon PDF 68 KB


Round the table introductions.


Previous Minutes:

·  Correction to be made to the previous minutes – J Pickering and M Mills were not in attendance at the previous meeting

·  J Parker updated the group to confirm she had met with Roland form the judo club and the mats issue had now been resolved.



Places For People Limited Update on Performance


New Activities/Updates since last Consultative:




·  PLE has achieved over 1 Million visits from April 2019 to Feb 2020

·  250 new swimmers on our swim academy reaching over 2300 in total.

·  NEW Pre School Gymnastics sessions added on a Friday afternoon (total 3 sessions).

·  NEW trampoline sessions (total 2 new sessions).

·  NEW family circuits session, January sessions hitting over 40 participants.

·  NEW postnatal fitness Pilates session. The first session hitting 20 participants. This replaced our Mum and baby yoga as the numbers weren't high enough to keep on the programme.

·  Wednesday Forever Active keep fit class now Pilates.

·  Due to demand additional evening deep water aqua class has been added.

·  100% pass rate in NPLQ course held February half term.

·  Broken slabs in car park has been replaced by tarmac, bollards and parking signs have been realigned.

·  100% pass rate in NPLQ course held February half term.

·  Installation by EBC of ATP fences & shelters.

·  Car Park drains have been professionally cleaned January 2020.


The Centre continues to be well utilised, with a variety of activities and special events.


Update from Clubs pdf icon PDF 22 KB

Updates have been received and are attached from the following clubs:


·  Parkewood

·  EdSAD

·  Bowls Club

·  Squash Club

·  Eastleigh Running Club

Additional documents:


Club updates were circulated to the consultative group prior to the meeting by Eastleigh Running Club, EdSAD, Squash club, the Bowls club and Parkewood.  The updates will be included as appendices to these minutes. 


Forever active verbal update:

·  Attendance good, 2-4 new people every week

Aqua relax

·  PLE members are trying to access these sessions, but this is a private booking.  A private hire board is put on pool side.

·  Action: Healthworks to create laminated door signs similar to what EdSAD have.

Members Update


·  No soap in the male changing room for 7-10 days

·  Steam room out of order with no information when it would be fixed.  J Parker confirmed information was on social media and there was also a sign on reception.

·  Some instructors have introduced their own code of conduct in group exercise classes, which members have appreciated. E.g. no answering of mobile phones during class

·  Concerns raised about the quality of website.

·  Squash club requested their own board near the courts, but the issue would eb all clubs would want a board close to the room their activity is taking place, which is not practical.




Customer Comments


·  Gym opening hours to be changed to 6.15am Monday- Sunday as oppose to the original 6.30am. This was done within 48 hours.

·  More aqua classes demanded from members- This was actioned by holding a meeting with the Aqua participants an adding another Low intensity class on, on a Thursday Evening at 1940. They were very happy with the decision and the class is now very popular.

·  Online Problems- Our booking and App systems have been up and down since the end of December. They have been better in March but have been a consistent comment from members.

·  Band systems and public swimming- Customer comments regarding how busy the weekends are in regard to waiting times. We have put a programming meeting in place to see if we can re organise the band system and look further into the bather loads of the pool. The band system will hopefully decrease the waiting time especially on a Sunday morning. This will hopefully come into play in the Easter Holidays once risk assessments are assessed.



Date of Next Meeting


The next meeting will be held on 6October 2020.


Any Other Business


·  If clubs have any updates they wish to make to their community board, please contact Megan Mills.

·  D Moore highlighted issues with public toilets near the bowls club.  The male toilets have been out of order since October and the lady’s toilet now not working.

·  Request from Forever Active – 2x men needed to help users get dressed.  RM to highlight this to Steph bull re the Active Buddy Scheme.