Agenda and minutes

Bursledon Windmill Joint Management Committee - Wednesday, 9 October 2013 9:30 am

Venue: Committee Room, Civic Offices, Leigh Road, Eastleigh

Contact: Julia Roy, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8133; Email: 

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The Minutes of the meeting held on 15 May 2013 were agreed as a correct record.


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The Curator introduced a report detailing activities and events at the Windmill since the last meeting of the Committee.


While the windmill was out of operation for repair work, the focus at the site had been to keep visitor numbers high and keep community engagement strong. 


The full programme of school activities, collections-linked family activities and the family pizza-baking event had been complemented during the summer by the outdoor, interactive theatrical production Tree Creeper and the Hunt for the Goblin King, which had engaged families across the whole site.


A successful partnership day with Bursledon Brickworks, Wartime Windmill had also taken place, including a live demonstration by the Brickworks team.


The Windmill site had been used for a wedding reception in September, the first time the site had been used as a hired venue.  Staff from the Ashcroft Arts Centre had led on preparations on the site, as they had expertise in this area and many issues had needed to be resolved and risk assessed.  Significant components had been the safe management of 130 people, with toilets, catering and a live band on site, and off-site parking for guests with a shuttle bus.  A complete moratorium on fire of any kind had been imposed on the site, with a smoking area provided on the far side of the car park.  Valuable information had been gained to improve future planning for similar events, and two further enquiries had been received.  The Committee was pleased to learn that the event had been very successful and welcomed the booking of future weddings on the site, subject to the acknowledgement of constraints such as parking and work in progress on the site to replace the windshaft. 


The targeted activities during holiday periods had made a beneficial impact on visitor figures for the year to August, which were already 200 up on the same period the previous year.


The Collections Team had been heavily involved in managing the 2013 Accreditation submission to the Arts Council during the past year.  The Accreditation Assessor had undertaken a preliminary review of the Bursledon Windmill return and had taken the ‘museum’ to the 19 September panel meeting.  It was reported that accreditation had been awarded, subject to the provision of additional information, which had now been submitted.


Over the six month period April to September 2013, the Community Engagement and Learning (CEL) Team had worked with 8 school groups in the Windmill, a total of 198 pupils.  The total number of pupils who visited during the 2012/13 academic year was 538, more than double the previous year’s figures.  The CEL Team had written, resourced and trialled two new science sessions, KS1 Minibeast Safari and KS2 Eco-detectives, which had been very successful and would now be offered permanently at the site.  Feedback from all the sessions had been very positive. 


A diverse programme of activities and events had also been offered to community groups, families and general visitors over this six month period, in which 832 people had taken part.  These included the Community Challenge Workshop, the Flour Power Workshop and Wartime Windmill.  Sunday visitor figures had been noticeably higher on the days when special activities had been offered in addition to the usual site tours. 


Regular publicity and promotion, both in hard copy and online, continued to be undertaken, with the Museum’s facebook page and twitter feed being particularly popular.  Visitor postcode profiling was also continuing, providing ongoing information on groups of people using and not using Museum services. The Area Co-ordinator asked if this information could be shared with the Borough Council and this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.


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The Strategic Manager, Visitor Services introduced a report which provided an update on the budget for the Windmill to 31 August 2013.  It was reported that an error had been made in the budget 2013/14 figure for the front of house staff, which should read £11,000, not £5,000. 


It was confirmed that the wedding at the Windmill had made a net income of £1,500, which would be put back into the budget for the Windmill.  As the wedding had taken place in September, this figure had not yet been included in the budget update.


The budget was on track and the annual audit return signed at the previous meeting had been accepted unqualified.


Windmill Repairs and Engagement


Giles Pritchard, Specialist Conservation Architect, from Hampshire County Council Property Services, provided a verbal update on the project to replace the Windmill’s windshaft, and tabled a site plan, detailed drawings of the windshaft profiles, and a timeline for the undertaking of the work.


It was advised that the oak had been sourced, and quotes obtained from various suppliers, from which a supplier in the New Forest had now been chosen.  Officers had met the supplier, who was keen to be involved in the project and would allow officers to select the tree and to film the whole process.  The tree was to be selected in December 2013. 


The Heritage Lottery Fund’s permission to start the project had been obtained in September/October 2013, following which an initial bat survey had been undertaken, in preparation for the application for a Natural England Bat Licence.  Bats had been found in the windmill and the barn and, of the three surveys required, two had been carried out, one of which Natural England had found to be unacceptable.


A planning application for the lean-to was to be prepared during December 2013/January 2014, with determination in June/July and construction in September 2014.  The initial shaping of the windshaft would take place in June/July 2014, with the replacement in August/September and handover at the end of September. 


The Committee expressed concern that the timeline for the work had seemed to have slipped, as they were of the understanding that the oak had been identified and that work would soon be starting.  It seemed that the process had been very drawn out, with the result that the work was now a year behind.


It was suggested that, as the Windmill would now not be operational for the bi-centenary in 2014, people’s interest should be maintained by giving publicity to the reconstruction process.


In response to a query concerning possible splitting of the wooden cogs due to lack of use, Giles responded that advice had been taken from the millwright, who had confirmed that there were no issues in this respect.


The Committee thanked Giles for the update, acknowledging that it had not been possible to start any work on the project until the grant process had been completed.  However, Members asked that they be informed should the timeline slip again.


It was suggested and agreed that, on behalf of the Committee, the Chairman should write to the supplier of the oak, thanking the company for working with all concerned in the project.


It was AGREED -


(1)  That the verbal update be noted;


(2)  That the Committee be informed, should the timeline on the project slip any further; and


(3)  That the Chairman write a letter, on behalf of the Committee, thanking the supplier of the oak for working with all concerned with the project.


Bursledon Windmill/Eastleigh Museum Draft Joint Management Agreement pdf icon PDF 226 KB


This item was considered in conjunction with Eastleigh Museum Joint Management Committee.


The Strategic Manager, Visitor Services advised that the Joint Management Agreement for Eastleigh Museum (the Principal Agreement) had expired on 31 March 2011.  The Joint Management Agreement for the Windmill, which was supplemental to the Principal Agreement, would also terminate on the expiry of the principal Agreement, although the County Council’s lease of the Windmill from Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust would expire on 31 March 2015.


It was suggested that in future the two Agreements should be contained in one document and the draft was now brought to this meeting for Members’ consideration.


Reference was made to the recent decision by Hampshire County Council to form a new Hampshire Solent Cultural Trust with Winchester City Council, to which the services and funding for the County Council Arts and Museums Service would be transferred.  Winchester City Council was to make a decision on the proposal in November 2013.  Members were concerned that the Agreement may not be adhered to under such a Trust and considered that more detail was required on the proposed Trust before a decision on the new Agreement could be made.


The Strategic Manager, Visitor Services advised that the issue of the Agreement would be discussed during the process to set up the new Trust.  Legal advice would also be taken on the issue.  In the meantime, the process for the signing of the new Agreement needed to be pursued, and involvement sought from all parties concerned, including the relevant Local Area Committees.


In addition, it was brought to the Committees’ attention that the Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust (HBPT) had purchased the Windmill in 1981 and restored the building over the next ten years.  In 1990, Hampshire County Council had taken over management of the Windmill, under a lease which ran until 2015.  Under the supplement to the old Agreement, the Bursledon Windmill Joint Management Committee should comprise two members appointed by the HBPT, who were entitled to attend and vote in respect of matters relating to the Windmill at the Committee.  Two members had subsequently been attending meetings of the JMC and had provided an input to proceedings.  However, the draft Agreement now before the Committee made no reference to HBPT, although it was noted that Bursledon Parish Council was now included as a party in the draft Agreement.


The Committees agreed that HBPT’s input had been, and was still, valuable to the Committee and that the two representatives should be included on the Windmill Committee in the new Agreement to be drawn up. 


It was AGREED -


(1)  That consultation on the draft Agreement proceed with all interested parties; and


(2)  That the draft Agreement be considered again at the next meetings of the Committees.


Hampshire Solent Cultural Trust


This item was considered in conjunction with Eastleigh Museum Joint Management Committee.


The Strategic Manager, Visitor Services advised that the Executive Member for Culture, Recreation and Countryside had made the decision on 25 September 2013 to establish the Hampshire Solent Cultural Trust in partnership with Winchester City Council, which was to make the decision on the Trust in November 2013.


Committee members requested that the link to the documents relating to this decision be sent to them for information.


It was AGREED -


That the report be noted.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting


It was agreed that the Democratic Services Officer would contact Members with regard to the date of the next meeting.


Following agenda item 5, the following presentations were provided for members of both Bursledon Windmill and Eastleigh Museum Joint Management Committees:


Schools’ Service for both sites – Janet Wildman, Community Engagement and Learning Officer for SE Hampshire


Museums Accreditation 2013 - Jo Bailey, Collections Team Manager


The Big Theme 2014 (focusing on the centenary of the First World War) – Tom de Witt, Area Curator


Agenda items 6 and 7 were then considered in conjunction with Eastleigh Museum Joint Management Committee.