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Bursledon Windmill Joint Management Committee - Wednesday, 24 September 2014 10:00 am

Venue: Rooms 11/12/13, Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh

Contact: Jack Grounds, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8026 Email: 

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RESOLVED that the Minutes of the meeting held on 11 June 2014 be approved as a correct record of the meeting.


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The Committee considered the Curator’s Report. Annabel Cook reported that Area Team had been busy working on the Windmill’s new interpretation plan and had delivered a range of activities including Beatrix Potter event and a Hamble Heritage weekend.


The Area Team had been working with Scribble and Nonsense, a company which specialises in museum design and museum space, to create an automaton for the Windmill that would act as a donation box. Having already been commissioned, it was reported that the automaton is nearly complete and as a result, donations to the Windmill have increased. Annabel highlighted that Scribble and Nonsense had also been working with the Area Team to develop a new “look” for the Windmill’s signage, to ensure a consistent approach to the site, and had also worked to develop a Grain Chain interactive display. This would help to engage younger visitors and help aid the visitor flow to the site.


It was reported that Cass Productions had been commissioned to develop an animated film for the Windmill and are currently in the process of designing storyboards for the film. This film, as well as the Windmill’s new motif, would be based around the “Phoebe Mouse” character from Scribble and Nonsense. The branding would be very subtle and would take the form of the Mice being the inhabitants of the Windmill. It was highlighted that this would be an excellent opportunity for both children and adults to engage with the Windmill. Annabel was delighted to report that there had been an 11% increase in visitors to the Windmill on the April to July period in the previous year. It was noted that the film poster campaign for the Windmill would be ready to launch by the first week of November and that this, combined with the new involvements of social media, there had also been an increase in enquires about volunteering at the Windmill.


It was noted that the Collections Team had helped with the audit of the pond area to record seasonal changes in the environment and wildlife so that inter-changeable panels can be written for the Windmill’s displays.


Annabel reported that while there had previously been a drop in the number of schools requesting visits to the Windmill, schools had now already begun to book visits, including one SEN school, as the sails would soon be turning again. The Windmill is now ready to paint and it was announced that Malcolm Cooper was creating the exact measurements for the shaft of the Windmill.


Tim Kelly gave an update on the HLF. He reported that the risk assessment had now been carried out and completed and a start had been made on the wind-shaft. Tim regretted to inform the Committee that decay had been discovered in the original oak shaft and that shaping for the new shaft had taken place on the 16 September 2014 and would be transported on the 29 September 2014. Installation and repairs would take place in the following two weeks and a crane would be on site for a single period to instigate the replacement of the shaft. Tim also informed the Committee that decay had been found in the oak decking and would like to make a case for arranging repairs to be carried out within the HLF envelope.


A further update was given on the new outbuildings for the Windmill site. It was reported that the original location for the WC and visitor centre had to be reconsidered following the discovery of bats. A free-standing room had been agreed with the Hampshire Buildings Preservation Trust (HBPT) in July and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.




Tim Kelly reported that the Budget was on target and that, with the Windmill re-opening, the Budget for 2015/16 will see income rise.


Councillor Davidovitz asked for an explanation and line-by-line assessment of the reasons for the budget increase as the Windmill will soon be re-opening.


Tim Kelly stated that the costs for services are distributed site by site and that the old formula used to set budgets has been recalculated. The budgets have been changed because the Windmill is now part of a charitable trust. He noted that the budget reflected an estimate based upon site by site allocation of funds rather than any new injection of capital.


Councillor Mrs Andrewes asked whether the budget reflects the recruitment of volunteers.


Tim Kelly informed the Committee that the budget does reflect the work of volunteers and that there had been two externally funded volunteer co-ordinators and these were based on time-limited funding.


It was AGREED that the budget be noted.



Hampshire Cultural Trust Update pdf icon PDF 24 KB


Tim Kelly reported that work on each of the strands of activity has progressed to plan since the verbal update at the meeting of the Committee of the 11 June 2014. The transfer to the Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT) was expected to be the 1 November 2014 to coincide with dates for payroll.


Councillor Davidovitz and Diccon Bright commented that it would be useful for the Committee to know the progress of the transfer to the HCT and in what way this will affect the running of the Windmill.



Date and Venue of Next Meeting




That the next meeting take place at 11:30 am on 28 January 2015 at Eastleigh House.