Agenda and minutes

Bursledon Windmill Joint Management Committee - Wednesday, 17 June 2015 10:00 am

Venue: Bursledon Windmill, Windmill Lane, Bursledon, Southampton, SO31 8BG

Contact: Jack Grounds, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8026 Email: 

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Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair




That Hampshire County Councillor Keith House be appointed Chair and Eastleigh Borough Councillor Alan Broadhurst be appointed Vice Chair.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 62 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the 28 January be approved as a correct record of the meeting.


Curator's Report pdf icon PDF 1 MB


The Windmill’s new Curator, Erica Munro, introduced herself to the Committee and was delighted to present her report to Members.


The Windmill had been very busy since its reopening in November 2014 and had welcomed a great deal of new visitors to the Windmill as a paid site. It was reported that extensive cleaning of the Windmill exterior had taken place and as the Windmill was to be idling on Sundays, staff would have the opportunity to be trained in maintenance and milling techniques and could take time to inspect and learn about the workings of the Windmill and its mechanism. Once staff had been effectively trained, milling of flour could begin at the Windmill. Moreover, it was highlighted that once an extensive cleaning process had been carried out on the mill stones and the Windmill’s interior, an Environmental Health inspection could take place.


It was reported that a number of new volunteers had begun work at the site following recruitment talks at local historical societies. It was highlighted that local people in Bursledon were happy to support the Windmill and its volunteers and that the site was a good focus for the local community. Erica Munro informed Members that she was happy to come to Bursledon Parish Council to talk to recruiting potential volunteers. Diccon Bright was asked to send the list of volunteers recruited a few years ago to Erica.


It was reported that as a result of the Windmill restoration work, the number of visiting school groups had declined. Hampshire Cultural Trust’s (HCT) Community Engagement and Learning Officer had informed schools of what the Windmill could offer. In contrast, out-of-hours bookings had increased and had been very successful and the feedback from these groups had been very positive. Adult learning workshops which were focused primarily on arts and historical crafts had recently been held at the Windmill. Erica Munro informed the Committee that HCT wanted to see how popular these workshops were in order to develop the approach and orientation of the workshops.


The Committee was advised that HCT staff were looking into the possibility of expanding the guided tours of the site with a view to increasing the capacity of visitors.


Members raised the issue of the Windmill site being granted a marriage licence and using the site as a wedding venue. Members discussed the opportunity to use the site’s connection to the local area and its appeal to the local community as a good market for the Committee to look into.


Finance Report pdf icon PDF 66 KB


Tim Kelly reported that in accordance with the agreement set out between Hampshire County Council (HCC) and Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC), the net cost of the running of the Windmill was shared between the two partner authorities. It was highlighted that net expenditure was on budget for 2015/16.


It was reported that due to annual changes on maintenance and property costs, the actual cost of maintenance would be higher in some years as works would need to be carried out and as a consequence, the burden would be lighter in other years.


Members asked a series of questions regarding the proposed building of a toilet block on the Windmill site as well as the option of a volunteer or education room. The Committee raised concerns over the Windmill’s funding, the extent to which the proposed plans had progressed and the feedback of information to Members. Tim Kelly advised the Committee that with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), led by HCC, the funding for a toilet block was available.


Diccon Bright advised that the Bursledon, Hamble and Hound Local Area Committee funding had not yet been agreed for the Windmill.


Members agreed that a new toilet block should be built at the Windmill now, with wider capital works being discussed and progressed with HCC’s architects as soon as possible.




(1)  That the building of the toilet block be progressed as soon as possible; and

(2)  That further discussion about other capital works be pursued, with options for an education facility being brought to the next meeting.




Annual Small Bodies (Audit) Return pdf icon PDF 67 KB


The Annual Small Bodies Return for 2014/15 was signed by the Chair.


Strategic Planning and Culture Conversation Update pdf icon PDF 107 KB


Members welcomed Hannah Ashwell to her new role and asked that their thanks be passed on to Annabel Cook for all her work with the Windmill.


Hannah Ashwell reported that the Culture Conversations had taken place in March and April and 2015 and was an opportunity for HCT staff to meet with residents, businesses and community groups and discuss their ideas and thoughts about the sites in and around the Borough. In March, April and May 2015, a series of information boards were displayed at the Windmill and a survey was carried out to allow residents to leave their comments. These comments would be collated for HCT’s first AGM and Core Partner meeting in July 2015 and this feedback would influence the development of the Strategic Plan.


Members asked if the Cultural Team at EBC could be invited to the HCT AGM and Core Partner meeting and included in the discussions. The Committee also asked if the outcome of the Culture Conversations could be made available to the public, as well as to JMC Members, to ensure that feedback is given to the wider community.



Future JMA Partnership Funding Agreement Verbal Update


Tim Kelly reported that the Future JMA Partnership Funding Agreement had been with HCC solicitors and the draft would be sent to EBC for comment and feedback before the September 2015 JMC meeting.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting




That the next meeting would take place at Eastleigh House with the date and time to be decided.