Agenda and minutes

Bursledon Windmill Joint Management Committee - Tuesday, 5 July 2016 10:30 am

Venue: Bursledon Windmill, Windmill Lane, Bursledon, SO31 8BG

Contact: Cheryll Kemsley, Democratic Services Officer Tel: 023 8068 8112, Email: 

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Appointment of Chairman


The Chairmanship of the Joint Management Committee alternates annually between the two authorities. For the year 2016/17 the Chairman should be appointed from the Borough Council members of the Committee.




That Councillor Broadhurst be appointed Chair of the Joint Management Committee for the 2016/17 municipal year.


Appointment of Vice Chairman


The Vice-Chairmanship alternates annually between the two authorities. For the year 2016/17 the Vice-Chairman should be appointed from the County Council members of the Committee.




That Councillor Kyrle be appointed Vice-Chair of the Joint Management Committee for the 2016/17 municipal year.


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The Minutes of the meeting held on 23 February 2016 were agreed as a correct record.


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Members were advised that the Curator, Erica Munro, left the Hampshire Cultural Trust for a new position at the end of March. Cerian Trevan had now been appointed. She started her new role with the Hampshire Cultural Trust on 20 June 2016 and previously worked at Stonehenge.


The absence of a VSA, who left in January, had meant that the site had not been cleaned as regularly or as thoroughly as usual. The mill had been covered by casual staff who had acted as Duty Manager. The interim area Curator had worked with a volunteer and the miller to clean the interior of the mill, clear some of the pond, clear the paths of weeds leading up to the windmill and strim the edges beside the windmill. A new VSA started at the windmill on 20 May. Although it appeared that the number of volunteers had dwindled to one regular person and a garden volunteer in recent months, the interim area curator had contacted all previous volunteers and they were still keen to help. A new volunteer was also in the process of being added to the team.


The new outbuilding comprising the visitors’ toilets and volunteer’s room had now been completed providing much improved facilities. The improvements to the inside of the windmill cap; the installation of a lightning conductor on the exterior of the mill and signage for disabled car parking were completed at the end of April. Funding of £10,000 had recently been secured via the TESCO Bags of Help scheme. It was anticipated that the entrance fence would be replaced, perimeter fences would be repaired re-using good pieces of the entrance fence, two large sleepers with a kick board would define the edges of the pond and allow wheelchair access and two external lights on the Chineham Barn would be installed for evening events.


One of the aims for this year was to set the sails to grind wheat and make flour. For several weeks the staff at the mill had been watching the weather forecast and had a couple of abortive attempts when the forecast wind didn’t arrive. The sails on the mill had finally been turned to make flour for the first time in 5 years. The miller had sourced a supplier for grain and costings were being established. It was hoped that visitor figures would start to pick up now the mill had started to grind grain. Special events and out of hours visits had been planned which would help to increase numbers.


From July – September the Windmill would be opening on Saturdays as well as Sundays and it was hoped that the additional day would increase visitor numbers, especially if the sails of the mill were rotating. The plan was then to close the mill in the quiet months of November, December and January, when it was hard to attract visitors, except for specific events. A number of events had been planned for the summer months including; special Sundays, Minibeasts at the Mill, Ways with Wood and the Great Bursledon Bake Off.


The Hampshire Cultural Trust’s Emergency Conservation Unit came to the rescue on the Bank Holiday Monday to carryout repairs to the windmill following the storm on Easter Sunday. A bolt within the braking mechanism bent allowing some turning of the brake mechanism.  The bolt was replaced and minor repairs made to the woodwork.  This may have been the result of an inherent weakness that has developed over time in the bolt or the change in wind direction during the storm.  There was no evidence of lasting damage to  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


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Additional documents:


In accordance with the agreement between Hampshire County Council and Eastleigh Borough Council, the net cost of running the Windmill was to be shared between the partner authorities.  The report provided an update on the budget for 2015/16 and 2016/17 (Appendix 1) and the committee were asked to note the contents of the update, approve the budget for 2016/17 and make a decision whether to take up BDO’s offer of a limited financial review. 


The 2015/16 budget for Bursledon Windmill provided in Appendix 1 to the report reflected proposed partner contributions as follows:


·  Venue Management – salaries and costs;

·  Public Programmes (exhibitions);

·  Collections;

·  Better Life Chances; and

·  Business Development.


The budget headings reflected the headings in the Venue Plans, making it easier to understand where money was being spent and how Bursledon Windmill directly benefit. The budget had been modelled to include staff increments and the 1% pay award. They also included more accurate projections in relation to VAT costs, the financial activity which would be included in the trading arm and projected income from gift aid (where applicable). In addition, it was intended to report occasionally on external investment secured and/applied for, and in kind support generously received from volunteers, trustees, businesses and other individuals and/or organisations.  It was noted that figures shown for 2016/17 were not end of year figures. 


A letter from BDO was attached to the report, which advertised a limited assurance financial review service to the committee.  It was reported that the audits that BDO carried out in the past, for small bodies were no longer necessary.  Members were advised that Hampshire Cultural Trust, as a charitable body, would submit audited accounts for the trust on an annual basis.  It was felt that there was no benefit to the Committee to take up BDO’s offer. 


It was AGREED that


(1)  the 2015/16 and 2016/17 budget updates be noted;


(2)  the 2016/17 budget be approved;


(3)  BDO’s offer of financial services be declined.


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Tim Kelly advised that due to future funding cuts to the windmill, Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT) felt that the future funding for the windmill was dependent primarily on the trust’s overarching fundraising plans, as the return on investment from more global plans was likely to be more significant.


In order to manage the reduced funding the Trust had planned to broaden its funding base towards providing a sustainable way forward. Currently the trust was working on broadening funding via: Corporate Partners and Ambassadors, Better Life Chances, Happenings and Trusts and Foundations; Donations and Gift Aid and Inspiring a Culture of Philanthropy. There were also local plans in place including; volunteer development and milling.


Since April 2015, the trust has raised around £70,000 from Corporate and Ambassador sponsorship. There was a positive start to the new financial year 16/17; securing an additional Corporate partner and increasing the donor pool by 5%, receiving over £13,000 in donations.

As part of the Culture Stops project, the retail offer at the Windmill will be improved by introducing better ranges and more products for the Hampshire Fare community. The viability of selling good quality hot drinks on site was also being investigated. The Director of Mozzo Coffee, based in Southampton, was visiting the mill in the coming weeks to provide an expert assessment and make recommendations. In addition the new Chief Operating Officer for the trust, Paul Sapwell, was due to start on the 1 August and had significant experience in the food and beverage sector.


Marketing colleagues were working on a new streamlined process for Gift Aid and it was hoped to encourage further promotions in the new year.  The trust had just signed up with the National Fundraising Scheme and was able to take donations online and via SMS. The trust was also in the process of reviewing CRM/ticketing systems that would enable a donor management programme.  Once this was in place online giving would be promoted through all appropriate fundraising and marketing literature, driving prospects to the website. 


Cerian Trevan the Community Museums Curator for the South East of Hampshire, was picking up the trail of flour production and would report further on this in the coming months.  Gary Freeman, the miller, had been awaiting the right conditions for flour production and had produced the mill’s first flour for some time.  The possibility of producing flour for sale was being investigated by Cerian.


In order to boost visitor numbers and secondary spend, in the summer months the mill would be open Saturdays and Sundays and closing in the height of winter, when visitor numbers decreased.  Along with improvements in café and retail, and the appointment of new posts that had greater retail and catering expertise, the foundations were being laid to increase visitor numbers and income.


In conclusion Tim advised that the windmill would continue to be supported by HCT, however it was important to recognise that ongoing support would be enabled by wider trust strategies for future funding.


Councillor Van Niekerk advised that it was encouraging to receive more information and on behalf of Bursledon, Hamble-le-Rice and Hound Local Area Committee (BHH LAC), it had addressed the concerns they had. She was happy to report that there had been enough progress made that funding could be released on the proviso that it would come back to the June 2016 meeting for further discussion on the future funding of the project. Tim Kelly advised that they could be completely transparent and would happily share any information that was sought.


Diccon Bright advised that after the meeting he would work with  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Date and Venue of Next Meeting


To be arranged and communicated by Democratic Services.