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Bursledon Windmill Joint Management Committee - Thursday, 18 March 2021 10:30 am

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Neubauer and Banks need to be changed to being in attendance rather than councillors. Representing Eastleigh Council should have been Councillor Broadhurst. Councillors representing Hampshire Council as nobody.  

The minutes are agreed with these adjustments.



Fundraising - Stacey Court-Martin


Stacey Court-Martin, the fundraising officer for Hampshire Cultural Trust, presented a fundraising report for Bursledon Windmill. This campaign is to help the trust raise £40,000 to help with the repairs of the stocks and sails. The campaign will be predominantly community based with local volunteers, will seek to raise £5,000 community fundraising, £5,000 large gifts from individuals and £30,000 from trust foundations. Have been working on fundraising opportunities from other trusts and foundations. Marketing team supported this, with, for example, the digital publication Culture on Call and its social media presence. Hoping to engage with community by asking visitors why they’re visiting and what’s important to them. At the venue there will be more signage around the site such as QR codes, banners, and local artwork. Stacey running a 5k to help fundraise for the Windmill. The trust is setup on a fundraising platform called the Good Exchange, allows people to create their own fundraisers and be match funded with other local trusts. Working on press release for local news, including local Bursledon magazine. Happy to explore ideas with council. Successful application with the Good Exchange and will officially launch digital campaign 19th March by promoting the link. There is some financial support from Hampshire County Council (HCC) but the amounts haven’t been confirmed yet. Fundraising is for repair of wooden stocks and sails but will also need canvass sails. Have spoken to local sail makers and have a quote, current sails are 8 years old and in poor condition.


Action: The Trust have been invited to speak with Bursledon Parish Council, plans for a site visit in June.



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Emma Banks, the community manager representing the Hampshire Cultural Trust, presented a report on activities at or relating to Bursledon Windmill. July to October period windmill was open and welcomed over 700 people. In December work was carried out by HCC to take down the stocks and sails, were hoping to remove the endless chain gear but did not have sufficient time. HCC to respond to trust by end of March about a proposal for funds to be used for repairs in the next financial year. Funding from HCC and fundraising should allow to address the next stage of repairs. There was a commissioned report after stocks were taken down by Windmill Consultant Luke Bonwick, who suggested stripping the stocks, assessing the rot and patching. Currently investigating if this would be more effective in the long term.
Continuing community outreach, including the Bridge Education Centre, with the horizon programme to provide face to face sessions with tools like creative boxes.
Continued presence on social media has been key to community outreach and digital fundraising. Working towards a reopening date of the 29th May, in light of this in April there will be a review of the events programme for what can be delivered. Coordinated marketing strategy as venues will open at the same time. Currently have a provisional programme of activities in place including family days, strawberry fair, activities around health and wellbeing which mirrors events from previous years, however, mindful of repair work that needs to be completed which could cause delays or summer interruption. Will talk to Luke about the installation of an electric motor to help with decay issue.



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Consideration was given to the Financial Report presented by Emma Banks from Hampshire Cultural Trust.
Due to the lockdowns the roles of Service Assistant and caretaker have been placed on furlough, the latter flexibly, whilst being kept on the job retention scheme providing the extra 20%. Never furloughed more than 50% of staff. Events budget at end of quarter 3 is £500 over budget due to new signage around windmill tours, the safety of the windmills and new events which are one off payments. Income in quarter 3, when open, was £500. The report also details grants when the venue was closed such as business support grants and the job retention scheme. Funding from grants has been mostly focused on providing COVID-19 precautions to allow the site to open safely, job retention scheme and to cover loss of income. Windmill raises funds through 50% fundraising and 50% income.
Concerns were raised over the potential amount of funding awarded by HCC and the possible effects this could have on the repair and maintenance of the windmill.
Concerns raised over the decreasing figures of funding from LAC’s. The BHHLAC have approved £18,100 for funding but the amount has been decreasing yearly, with no formal agreement in a reduced percentage.

Action: Ross Mclean to work with finance team and Deborah Neubauer to draw up an SLA and agree a contribution amount annually. 


Date and Venue of Next Meeting

Next meeting will take place on Thursday 15 July 2021 at 10am, location TBC


Next meeting will take place on Thursday 15th July 2021 at 10am. Location TBC.



Action: Dem Services will programme 21/22 meetings in May. Agreed that next meeting will be at the Windmill.