Agenda and minutes

Airport Consultative Committee - Friday, 17 October 2014 2:00 pm

Venue: Southampton International Airport, Spitfire Meeting Room

Contact: Karin James, Democratic Services Officer (Tel: 023 8068 8113; Email: 

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The minutes of the meetings held on 11 February 2014 and 27 June 2014 be confirmed and signed as a true record of the meetings.


Although none of the local Members of Parliament were able to attend on this occasion it was agreed to continue holding meetings on a Friday afternoon for the time being.


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Mr David Lees informed those present that Southampton Glasgow and Aberdeen Airports had been sold to a consortium formed by Ferrovial and Macquarrie for £1,048 million.  It was expected that the sale would be finalised by January 2015, and it was felt this would make very little difference to the day to day running of the Airport.


Members of the Committee congratulated Mr Lees on the Airport’s recent write up in WHICH magazine.  Turning to complaints it was felt the complaint about the Lancaster arriving prior to the D-Day celebrations was rather disingenuous.  The complaints from the Reading area regarding a flight at 9000 feet and was thought to be the result of a new website “” which could identify all flights.


Following questions regarding the precautions around the Ebola problem Mr Lees advised those present that the Airport are maintaining close contact with authorities and larger airports.  Southampton would not be receiving any flights directly from affected areas and would be taking advice as and where necessary.  There was to be a forum held between Police, Fire and Ambulance regarding local resilience on Monday 20th October.


The Committee accepted Mr Lees report with thanks.  


Member Code of Conduct and Induction pack (DRAFT) - Richard Ward pdf icon PDF 138 KB


Richard Ward presented his draft Members Induction Pack and Code of Conduct which had previously been circulated with the agenda.


It was agreed this would be made available on the Internet and circulated to all Members and Deputies and in turn that copies of the Code of Conduct would be signed and returned to Mr Ward.  It was explained that there was an expectation highlighted in the Constitution that Deputies would attend only as observers unless the Member were unavailable to attend. 


A question was raised about the non attendance of individual Members. it was explained that the Committee could only act when the whole representation of an organisation was in question.  Where an individual member did not attend it was a matter for that organisation to address.  Mr Ward did agree to write to Southampton City Council to ascertain whether they still wanted to have three members on the Committee.


It was also explained that currently the meetings were not public meetings although 15 minutes was available at the start of meetings for relevant organisations to make representation.  Although, where someone had expressed an interest in observing a meeting, no objection had been raised.


It was noted there was no member of Tourism South East appointed to the Committee and it was agreed to write to them to ask for a nominee, also perhaps a presentation from them on their organisation.


Scoping New Business Routes - Dave Lees


Mr Lees explained it was not easy to scope new routes, and for obvious reasons operators wished to run profitable routes. To this end a Southampton University student was looking at key operators, surveys, MINT databases, qualitative telephone research and CAA organisation and destination date for 2013, and European trade surveys.


Germany had the highest number of exporting markets with Netherlands also scoring highly.


Destinations from Southampton were weighted as follows: Madrid (a key destination requirement), Munich, Brussels and Frankfurt. 


Madrid - although a very attractive destination was already well served by Heathrow running an hourly service, meaning a daily service from Southampton would not be able to compete. 


Munich – good business involvement and numbers of passengers in the vicinity wishing to travel, currently there is no dominant carrier.  Companies in Munich included Vector Aerospace and Rolls Royce.


Toulouse – 51,771 passengers in the area, again no dominant provider, local businesses include Vector Aerospace and Airbus Defence and Space Limited.


Launch of the Hamburg route - Dave Lees


Hamburg has strong marine links and the new route to Hamburg commences on 27 October with the inaugural flight.  On the 11 and 12 November there was to be a media tour of Hampshire going to Winchester and Stonehenge.  There was also to be a lunch and tour of the Queen Mary 2 which would be docking from Hamburg on its way to New York.


Flybe would also be launching a business event with an aviation cluster visit on 25 and 26 November with the Airbus A320 being assembled in Tolouse, Hamburg and China. 



Airport Development Update - Steve Thurston


Steve Thurston Explained the 2014 completed works had been forecast as £4m and the current value to date was £2.6.  This spending included a new website, new engineering systems, new airport vehicles and the creation of a larger departure lounge.


Compliance and Risk Mitigations measures were underway and included the apron block paving being revamped, approach landing lights £452,000 being installed in the adjacent railyard, placing cables underground, light fittings and masts which could be lowered for maintenance making the process a lot safer.


Fire Training Ground Rig (£1.3m):  ground rig with cockpit scalable to accommodate changes in aircraft type, and a concrete extension to accommodate longer rig with contained drainage.


Solar Farm: Project deferred until 2015/16 due to issues with SSE electrical infrastructure outside of airport control


Hotel: Develop 99 room hotel on ‘Pig Farm’ site. Local authority pre-planning application submitted and under review.


Southampton Airport Enterprise Hub: Promote development of Ford-Airport-Riverside.  This was considered to be a strategic site for business with very good communication links.


Noise Action Plan


Michael Glen and Iain McDermott-Paine explained that the Noise Action Plan 2014 had now been formally adopted by the Secretary of State.  Mr Glen then gave a presentation showing the noise contours highlighting an extra 200m added to Southern 55db contour – which included an extra 50 houses.  There had also been a reduction of 780m to North. There were minimal changes in comparison to 2012 the modal split indicated that more aircraft arrived from the South and departed to the North as follows:


2012   69% south  31% north

2013   56% south   44% north.


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Neil Scott presented a report summarising the statistics of operational activity at Southampton Airport for the May to August period of 2014 provided by Southampton Airport in accordance with the Flying Controls Agreement between the owners of the airport and the Borough Council. The report also compared the figures with those for the previous year.  Mr Scott explained that the monitoring showed movements well within the flying controls agreement.


The summary of airport operational activity for the May to August period of 2014 was noted.



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The minutes of the Technical Working Group meeting held on 30 September were tabled (and are attached to these minutes).


Date and time of next meeting


The next meeting was to be held on Friday 13 February at 2pm in The Spitfire Room, Southampton International Airport.