Agenda and minutes

Airport Consultative Committee - Friday, 12 June 2015 2:00 pm

Venue: Southampton International Airport, Spitfire Meeting Room

Contact: Karin James, Democratic Services Officer (Tel: 023 8068 8113; Email: 

No. Item


Election of Chairman




That Godfrey Olson be elected Chairman of the Committee for 2015-2016.


Election of Vice Chairman




That David Airey be elected Vice Chairman of the Committee for 2015-2016.



Appointment of Honorary Secretary




That Richard Ward be appointed Hononary Secretary of the Committee for 2015-2016.



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RESOLVED – The Minutes of the meeting held on 13 February 201215 be confirmed and signed as a true record of the meeting.


Information from the Chairman


The Chairman reported that he had recently spoken to Tony Balcombe the former Chairman of the Committee who sends his regards and still takes an interest in the work of the Committee.

The Chairman welcomed Councillor Janice Asman from West End Parish Council newly appointed to this Committee.


The congratulations of the Committee were expressed to Geoff Wilkinson on being awarded the City of Southampton Award

The City of Southampton award recognises people or groups who have made an exceptional contribution to the life of the city.  The presentation is made at the city council's annual meeting in May each year by the incoming Mayor.

For many years Geoff has been an advocate for people who live with disabilities. Building on his own experience Geoff has been involved in a range of roles with City voluntary organisations promoting the rights of people with disabilities. He was a founder member of Shopmobility and as a member of Southampton Airport’s Consultative Committee Geoff has provided specialist advice about access. In addition his input to local rail providers has ensured access for disabled people to buy tickets and reach platforms at Southampton Parkway. His dedication to the rights of others makes him a worthy winner of this award.


Airport Managing Director's Report pdf icon PDF 481 KB

Additional documents:


Dave Lees took the meeting through his report previously circulated with the minutes.  A question was asked regarding whether flights to Poland had been considered given the large Polish contingent in the area.  Mr Lees replied that it was difficult to compete with other airports’ routes such as Gatwick as well as coach services via road although being considered it did not appear within the top 5 routes currently being chased.


The Committee commented they were glad to see the very low level of complaints. 


A question was asked whether aircraft overshooting still have to follow the approved routes.  Mr Lees said they had to follow Air Traffic Control advice but may not completely follow standard departure lines. Mike Glen said there had been no noise complaints as a result of overshoots in the past year. 


Noise Action Plan


Mike Glenn informed the meeting that there was now a document on the Airport website which identified a non-compliance scheme which carried a £300 deterrent.  The surcharge will be £300 per failure but prior to levying the charge SIAL will consult with the operator to establish steps which could be taken to avoid further failure and the surcharge would not be levied where a departure from the prescribed routes was necessary for avoiding immediate danger or for complying with Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions, provided that appropriate written evidence of this is provided to SIAL by the operator.


In terms of the number of failures per year it was reported that in 2014 there were three failures and only one in 2015 so far. 


Monitoring of the Flying Controls Agreement - Neil Scott pdf icon PDF 77 KB

Additional documents:


Neil Scott presented his report which summarised the statistics of operational activity at Southampton Airport for the January to April of 2015 provided by Southampton Airport in accordance with the Flying Controls Agreement between the owners of the airport and the Borough Council. The report also compared the figures with those for the previous year.  It was noted at the meeting that some of the statistics pages were missing from the agenda and these are therefore attached to these minutes. 


The summary of airport operational activity for the January to April of 2015 was noted.


Technical Working Group - update from Iain McDermott Paine pdf icon PDF 190 KB


The minutes of the latest Technical Working Group had been attached to the agenda but in addition it was reported that SIAL had been canvassing opinion on a special event at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a Jet Provost was expected to be flying in from SIAL.  A spitfire and a Gulfstream were also appearing.  The Jet Provost had since been cancelled. 


Aircraft Noise website - Mike Glenn


Mike Glen informed the meeting that the Managing Noise brochure was now out of date and had been replaced by website pages giving up to date information; WWW.SOUTHAMPTONAIRPORT.COM/NOISE.  The website information included pages as follows:  Introduction; Flying Controls; Weather; Aircraft Activity to the North; Aircraft Activity to the South; Community Forums; Noise Action Plan, and FAQs and contacts.  In future it was planned that there would be webtrack data shown, not live but with a 24 hours delay.  It would be possible to search by date and time. 


Noise Contours - Mike Glenn pdf icon PDF 2 MB


Mike Glenn displayed noise contour maps showing the average contours for 2014, these maps are drawn using statistics and are not exact drawings.  He also showed noise complaints mapped, the modal split between movements to the north and south as well as a 2013-2014 summary.  These noise contour maps are attached to the minutes.  The contributing factors to the reduction of complaints were considered to be because of increased Q400 flights and the noise preferred routeings. 


Memorandum of Understanding - A brief update - verbal update by Jan Halliday


Dave Ingram of Winchester City Council explained a Memorandum of Understanding was being drawn up between Winchester City Council and Southampton Airport.  The history of this was based on the Noise Preferred routeings in 2007 which controlled flights to the north of the airport to a distance of 2.5 nautical miles at which point aircraft could move along any trajectory.  The Winchester Air Group had been lobbying to determine where aircraft may go after that and were looking for an agreement to have more control over flights over Winchester.  At 3.5 nautical miles aircraft generally split to the east or west which was acceptable however if this changed and flights overflew Winchester there was nothing in the current agreement to prevent this happening.  The Memorandum of Understanding sought to address difficulties if such a change takes place and the Airport Consultative Committee would be the arbiter if in the unlikely event that such an agreement could be reached.  The Airport were very keen to work with the Community and so as such this was highly unlikely to happen. 


Dave Lees advised there was a clear framework set out by the CAA regarding consultations required for aircraft under 4000 feet, and as such airports must consult with residents in the area, airlines and others using the air space. 


Annual UKACCS Conference - Verbal update by David Airey


David Airey had attended the 39th UK Airport Consultative Committees Conference at Manchester Airport and reported back to the Committee as follows:


Noise issues had been discussed at the Conference and our document was very detailed which had been pleasing to see.


Manchester Airport were keen to show their sustainable development plan over a period of years which included an increase in jobs and investment in the airport from both passengers and air freight.


Delegates to the conference had been given a tour of the perimeter of the airfield and shown an area of warehousing being developed called Airport City. They were also shown the site of the proposed new station for the HS2/3 with the aim of increasing the numbers of people arriving by methods other than car.  The station would be at the centre of the Airport giving a good service travelling south, the northern routes were not quite so comprehensive.  Developments were being planned over a 9 year period creating 25,000 jobs,  the area to the north of Wythenshawe had considerable economic problems and required economic regeneration.


Looking to the future there had been a debate on the current arrangements of the UK ACC secretariat, which was currently in the knowledge of very few people and was based at West Sussex County Council.


Nationally they looked at the changes had been introduced based on the ACC Guidelines and the efforts made to try to achieve more business interests on to the committees. 


The role of Airport Consultative Committees was to be a ‘critical friend’ of airports and discussions took place on how this might be achieved.  Stanstead had drawn up some guidelines but these would be difficult to apply at Southampton.  Overall agreement and trust was vital on both sides, although independent bodies were important membership should be based on mutual trust.


Problems had been reported at a lot of airports regarding PRMs (Persons of Restricted Mobility).  Fraudulent use of mobility requirements was being used to jump queues etc had been reported in many airports but such problems were difficult to solve. 


Air resilience plans were discussed and will be brought to a future meeting of the SIACC to have Dave Lees talk members through SIAL’s strategies.


The 2016 conference would be held at Belfast International Airport and in 2017 the conference would be taking place at Glasgow Airport.


In reply to the item regarding PRMs Geoff Wilkinson reported there were many local authorities struggling with the same issues of fraud.  It had been noticed that daily parking in some areas was £14 but free when a wheelchair was hired for £2.50.  It was a difficult subject to tackle and it was noted there were people with hidden disabilities and intermittent difficulties who should not be made to suffer because of fraud. 


Date and time of next meeting

Proposed date: 8 October 2015 2pm at the Airport – to be confirmed


The next meeting would be held on Friday 16 October 2015 in the Spitfire Room, Southampton International Airport.