Agenda and minutes

Airport Consultative Committee - Friday, 16 October 2015 2:00 pm

Venue: Southampton International Airport, Spitfire Meeting Room

Contact: Karin James, Democratic Services Officer (Tel: 023 8068 8113; Email: 

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RESOLVED – that the minutes of the meeting held on 12 June 2015 be confirmed and signed as a true record.


Comments from the Chairman


The Chairman welcomed Mims Davies MP, newly elected to the parliamentary constituency of Eastleigh.  As Ms Davies was not able to stay for the whole meeting the Chairman changed the order of the agenda slightly.


The Chairman also welcomed new members on the Committee as follows: Claire Harrison from NATS, and Cllr Bob Painton from Southampton City Council, and welcomed back Cllr Frank Pearson from Winchester City Council. 


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Dave Lees took the meeting through his report, previously circulated with the minutes.  The Committee noted the contents of the report.


Operation of Drones near Airports


Iain McDermott-Paine and Mike Glen gave a presentation explaining what exactly drones were as well as the guidelines for their use as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  Drones were now readily available to the public and ranged from small ones costing around £20 to large drones with 6 engines costing thousands of pounds.  Their uses varied on a scale from private use within a garden, to use by the Police and Fire and Rescue for searching or infrared search and rescue, and ultimately unmanned drones linked by satellite such as those used by the military in Afghanistan.  Test flights had been undertaken over the Irish Sea with a view to unmanned freight flights.  In the US Amazon Prime were using drones for deliveries. 


The potential for accidents was highlighted with a number of near misses from airports in the UK and around the world. Mims Davies MP agreed to take the concerns raised back to her colleagues in Parliament.  The Committee also agreed a letter should be sent to the Secretary of State via Mims Davies who would add a covering letter of support.


The Airport were holding regular meetings with Hampshire Police and the Airport Operators’ Association (AOA) Drone Working Group.  The public were asked to help in giving information if they saw something of concern by dialling 101, encouraging vigilance within the community, referring people to the CAA Guidelines.  A note has been received from the CAA as follows


“For the casual / enthusiast drone flyer we point people at


That has a link to our quick guide leaflet in PDF that people can re-produce / use etc.  For that audience we have our simple dronecode which states:

The Dronecode

·  Make sure you can see your drone at all times and don't fly higher than 400 feet

·  Always keep your drone away from aircraft, helicopters, airports and airfields

·  Use your common sense and fly safely; you could be prosecuted if you don't.


There’s also a really good little video on that page that the FPV people did that’s good to point people to.

For commercial users the requirements are a little more complex

We’ll be continuing our public education work on drones for xmas and into the new year”


Surface Transport Access to Airports


Richard Ward outlined a letter which had been sent to the Transport Committee at the House of Commons which outlined the views of the Consultative Committee.  The importance of the Airport to the Community was highlighted and although Southampton Airport had good transport links both by rail and road there were improvements needed in terms of rail links to the east of the area.  There were also capacity issues with both the M27 and M3.  If such improvements were achieved there was potential for Southampton Airport to take some of the strain from Heathrow and Gatwick airports. 


Dave Lees informed those present that in addition to the written responses there was to be an oral presentation to the Department of Transport on 26 October. 


Mims Davies referred to the recent devolution proposals and advised that at a recent PUSH meeting it had been stated that the first round of acceptances were to be granted in November, with the Solent Powerhouse having good potential.  Growth fund bids would be associated with such acceptance and as such possible progress with the Chickenhall Link. 


It was agreed to specifically ask Phil Dominey from South West trains (member of the Committee) to attend the next meeting to address the subject. 


Noise Action Plan


There was nothing to report at this time.


Consultation on Air Passenger Duty (APD) pdf icon PDF 217 KB


Richard Ward outlined a letter sent to the Energy and Transport Tax Team in reply to suggested changes to APD. 


As a result of the devolution of fiscal powers to Scotland and Wales there may be anomalies in the equalities of the APD regime

In order to achieve fairness the Government’s Treasury Tax team had suggested the following three alternatives:


·  For local authorities to set levels and arrange for its collection, local authorities would be permitted to keep the duty but the amount would be deducted from their annual grant.

·  To set different rates according to congestion.

·  Assistance given to key routes and connectivity.


The chosen preference in the SIACC response was that in the interest of equality and fairness it was suggested that there remain parity of duty/tax throughout the whole of the UK.


If that were unachievable then the preference would be for a differentiated tax outside of London in favour of regional airports.  It is further considered that this differentiated tax should be combined with assistance in the form of financial aid from the regional air connectivity fund. 


Dave Lees advised that a separate response had been issued by the Airport also expressing a preference for parity across the UK.


Monitoring of the Flying Controls Agreement pdf icon PDF 125 KB

Additional documents:


Richard Ward introduced his report, previously circulated with the minutes.  The Committee noted the contents of the report.



Technical Working Group feedback


The minutes of the most recent meeting of the Technical Working Group were circulated to members with the agenda, and were noted at the meeting.


Attendance at the UKACCS conference in Belfast on 8 and 9 June 2016


It was agreed that the Vice Chairman and Hon Secretary should attend the next UKACCS annual meeting in Belfast. 


Key Points from the UKACCS conference in June 2015 pdf icon PDF 45 KB


 The key points from the UKACCS conference 2015 had been circulated with the agenda and were noted. 


Date and time of next meeting


The date for the next meeting was agreed as Friday 12 February at 2pm in The Spitfire Room, Southampton International Airport.