Agenda and minutes

Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel - Thursday, 15 July 2021 6:45 pm

Venue: The Point, Leigh Road, Eastleigh, SO50 9DE

Contact: Nikki Dunne, Democratic Services Officer; Tel: 023 8068 8298; Email:  Natalie Wigman, Corporate Director Tel: 023 8068 8405 Email:

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Declarations of Interest

Members are invited to declare interests in relation to items of business on the agenda.  Any interests declared will be recorded in the Minutes.


There were no declarations of interest in relation to items of business on the agenda.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 127 KB

To consider the Minutes of the meeting held on 17 June 2021.


It was AGREED -


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Panel held on 17 June 2021 be confirmed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Public Participation

Public seating will be limited at this meeting due to the current Government restrictions. You can submit questions in advance of the meeting to the following email: The deadline for submissions is midday on Wednesday 14 July 2021. Please let us know if you wish to attend the meeting in person so that we can manage numbers.


There was no Public Participation on this occasion.


Chair's Report


The Chair had nothing to report to the Committee.


Constitution Review Group Feedback


Cllr Jurd, Chair of group, gave the following feedback on the review of the Constitution:


The group had met twice and worked through all sections of the Constitution. They considered that four material changes were required. Each recommendation was debated and five recommendations were identified.




That the following recommendations be made to Group Leaders to be included in the revised Constitution before it goes to Council in November:


1.  That Part 4 - Rule of Procedure Order of Business (Mayor Making) 5.0 (d) Appointment of Chaplain was amended to (d) Appointment of Faithleader(s) at the discretion of the Mayor.


2.  That Part 4 – Rules of Debate ‘When a Councillor may speak again’:

11.4  A Councillor who has spoken on any motion shall not speak again whilst it is the subject of debate; except:

a) to speak once an amendment is moved by another Councillor

Be amended to support fuller debate, so that members may speak:

b)  To make a supplementary point

c)  To answer a question


3.  That in Part 4 Planning Applications – Appendix A (page 4-25), paragraph (e) the wording was larified (addition in italics)

(e)  Development which is likely to cause wide public controversy extending into the area of an adjoining Local Area Committee, or which has a clear impact beyond the boundaries of a single area, should be determined through the creation of a dedicated Management Committee, made up of Councillors from the affected Local Area Committees, which deals solely with the planning applications related to that development.


4.  That Part 4 Planning Applications – Appendix A (page 4-25), paragraph (f) (ii) should be amended to detail who would determine whether an application was of borough-wide significance and also that in these instances that the application should be determined by Full Council.


5.  That under Part 2 article 11 the Leaders consider how members of an LAC might appoint their own Chair, so as to allow all members of the Committee to formally input into the appointment.


Late Reports to Committee pdf icon PDF 153 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel considered the report of the Democratic Services Manager relating to late reports to Committee since 1 April 2020.


The Corporate Director introduced the report and made a commitment that this report would be provided annually to allow better scrutiny.


Action – Corporate Leadership Board will not sign off late reports for Committee unless there is a justifiable and unavoidable reason Increased report writing training has been provided and deadlines clearly communicated to avoid delays.


The following issues were raised:




That the Committee considered the data relating to late reports for the period 1 April 2020 – 22 June 2021, and the actions that are being taken to address this.


It was agreed that a detailed log should be maintained by Democratic Services of the reason for late reports so that a summary of the reason can be included in the annual reporting to Councillors. And that, as a courtesy the meeting should be advised of the reason that any late report was delayed.



Cycling and Walking Strategy


Councillor Airey, Cabinet lead for the Transport Portfolio introduced the report.


The Sustainable Transport Manager provided a summary presentation of the Strategy to the Panel which is currently being consulted on. The document doesn’t look at delivery or detail actions, it talks about principles the Council should apply. A delivery document will emerge over the coming months.


The Panel considered the draft Cycling and Walking Strategy.


The following key points were highlighted:


-  The Strategy should include the role of employers and getting them to support promote cycling initiatives; and

-  Security of bicycles – where can cyclists store their bike safely. Suggestion Council looks at improved secure, facilities to store bikes in the Borough.


The Sustainable Transport Planner advised that next steps were:

·  Edit and refine document

·  Internal consultation

·  Cabinet Decision (Sept)

·  Public consultation (Sep – Nov)

·  Analyse responses

·  Cabinet Decision late 2021/early 2022


A Sustainable Transport Strategy was being developed and will connect to this strategy.




That the detailed review would be deferred to the Policy and Performance Environment Task and Finish group, and that individual members of the Committee could share comments with the Sustainable Transport Planner.


Provisional Outturn pdf icon PDF 351 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel considered the report that presented the Council’s financial and performance position for 2020/21.


The Executive Head of Finance and Housing Strategy introduced the report and highlighted that the Council was in a strong position and could continue to provide services and maintain minimum levels of reserves that are required.




That the report be noted and that:

(i)  The KPI for Usage of the Point and The Berry Theatres exclude visits to the Cafe and; 

(ii)  A KPI be identified and added relating to the economic health of town and local centres.



Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document pdf icon PDF 146 KB

Additional documents:


The Panel considered the report relating to the Trees and Supplementary Planning document.


Cllr Kryle, cabinet lead for Environment introduced the report.


The Senior Planning Policy Specialist provided the Panel with a summary explanation of the Trees and Development Supplementary Planning document.




That the Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel noted the consultation draft Trees and Development Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) as part of the formal consultation process. 


Cabinet Forward Plan pdf icon PDF 173 KB


The Panel considered the Forward Plan of Key Decisions.




That the report be noted.


Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel's Work Programme pdf icon PDF 203 KB


The Panel considered the current Work Programme.


The Monitoring Officer reminded the Chair that a representative of the panel needed to be appointed to the Housing Working Group.


It was AGREED that –


·  The Work Programme be noted; and

·  Councillor Asman was appointed to the Housing Working Group.