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Objections to Second Deposit Eastleigh Borough Local Plan Review - First Report


The Panel considered the report of the Head of Planning and Policy Design concerning the objections received to proposals for developing allotment land south of South Street and Monks Way and at Woodside Avenue, Eastleigh. 


Members noted that the proposals to develop these sites had given rise to 16,144 objections, submitted by 5,011 objectors, which broke down into 12 standard worded objections.  The single objection with the greatest number of objectors related to the proposed redrawing of the strategic gap between Eastleigh and Southampton.


The Panel received representations from three members of the public concerning the importance of allotments in the local community, the perceived loss of privacy for residents in Tichbourne Road from the proposed development, and the ability of the sewers to cope with the added pressures of the proposed development.


The Panel then received a presentation from Mr Tim Holzer and Mr Tony Murrills representing the Allotment Association.  The accompanying paper from the Association circulated to the Panel sought to:


·        summarise the key points of the relevant objections;

·        summarise the Council’s response to those objections;

·        provide some discussion as to the unsatisfactory nature of the Council’s response; and

·        provide some context and reference to policy that supported the Association’s viewpoint.


In addition, the Association tabled a number of questions seeking clarification.  A summary of the questions and the answers given are appended to these Minutes.


Members questioned both the Association representatives and officers, including questions on the following issues:


·        the suitability of alternative allotment sites;

·        the need for further housing developments, and the allocation of such developments;

·        the usage of existing allotments and associated “shops”;

·        the number of replacement allotment plots proposed;

·        the weight given to allotment land as a recreational facility;

·        the level of support by affected allotment holders on the Association’s objections;

·        housing provision within the County Structure Plan, and its relationship to the position in the South West Hampshire area;

·        cross–referencing PPG17 (reference Council’s Response No. 11);

·        the planning application proposals submitted for the South Street/Monks Way site;

·        the protection for statutory allotments;

·        the covenants on the sites;

·        the process for seeking Secretary of State consent for change of use of the sites;

·        the Public Inquiry process for the Local Plan;

·        the likelihood of the allotment sites being called in by GOSE;

·        Strategic Gap issues;

·        future allotment provision.


The following Motion was proposed and seconded:


“The Executive is asked not to endorse the officer’s responses set out in Appendix One to the objections to the Second Deposit Eastleigh Plan Review – First Report to the Executive on Monday 18 August 2003.


Instead, the Executive is recommended to consider modifying the Local Plan (Second Deposit) and that the identification of land for housing on Eastleigh Borough allotment sites be removed.


In any event, the Minority Groups consider that the objections submitted to the Council by the Allotment Association are of sufficient merit to warrant that no pre-emptive measures related to planning decisions on the Borough’s allotment sites or their relocation be made prior to the final outcome of the Public Inquiry related to the Eastleigh Borough Local Plan due to be held in 2004 and that notices to quit the allotment sites be suspended until the final outcome of the Public Inquiry.”


On being put to the vote, the Motion was defeated.


It was AGREED that –


The following RECOMMENDATIONS of the Panel be considered by the Council Executive:


(1)   That the response from the Allotment Association be passed to Executive Councillors, so they may read it prior to the Executive’s meeting on 18 August, and to all other Councillors in the context of the full meeting of the Council to follow that Executive meeting;


(2)   That a note setting out responses to each of the 11 specific questions from the Allotment Association be available to the Executive and Council at the 18 August meetings;


(3)   That the Executive should consider clarifying the wording of Policy 172.OS including the need to reflect the importance of accessibility and suitability in the context of the reprovision of allotments;


(4)   That the Panel encourages the Executive to consider options to identify additional alternative plots beyond those formally agreed by the Council.


(5)   That the Council and the Allotments Association should resume pro-active discussions looking at options for alternative allotment provision.


(6)   That in view of the concerns expressed by objectors, a cross reference relating to PPG17 be included in the revised text (paragraph 9.5, page 254 refers).

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