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Planning Application - Land West of Woodhouse Lane, Hedge End SO30 2EZ

Hybrid planning application for the proposed development of a residential and education led site with access off Woodhouse Lane. Outline: Up to 605 residential dwellings, a local centre, pedestrian and cycle links, a pedestrian SINC crossing, drainage, public open space, landscaping, other supporting infrastructure and mitigation measures (including noise attenuation) associated with the development.


Full: 7 Form Entry secondary school with the potential to expand to 9 Form Entry and associated sports provision, primary access roads and points of access, pedestrian and cycle links (including the diversion of route number 6c), an underpass, a pedestrian SINC crossing, drainage, landscaping, utilities, other supporting permanent and temporary infrastructure and mitigation measures associated with the development.


This application is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment and is a departure from the development plan, and affects Public Rights of Way.

(Ref: O/18/83634).



The Committee considered a report by the Development Management Senior Specialist concerning a hybrid planning application for Land West of Woodhouse Lane, Hedge End, SO30 2EZ. (Ref: O/18/83634).




·  Secretary of State Referral:

-  Referral to the Secretary of State prior to issuing a planning decision is not required.

-  The Secretary of State shall be notified of any decision made upon the issuing of that decision, as set out in the Regulations.


·  Consultation Responses:

-  Outstanding Consultation Responses Received (written summary provided to Councillors; in brief, no objections, subject to conditions/S106 obligations):

§  Urban Design and Landscape;

§  HCC Children’s Services;

§  HCC Minerals and Waste;

§  HCC Local Lead Flood Authority;

§  Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks;

§  Natural England;

§  Highways England;

§  British Horse Society;

§  HCC Countryside Access.

-  Responses Still Awaited:

§  Ecology;

§  Natural England (HRA Appropriate Assessment);

§  Scotia Gas Networks;

§  Sports England.


·  Community Use:

-  Progress has been made in relation to the Community Use Agreement (CUA) Clause within the S106:

§  Completion of CUA;

§  Will allow community use of the indoor and outdoor sports facilities and assembly hall for the duration of the time the buildings are used for educational purposes;

§  To be in place before the school is occupied for educational purposes (provided that the facilities are safely accessible, open and available).

-  Letter of Comfort from HCC in relation lease negotiations to enable third party access (with prior approval) to deliver future aspirations;

-  S106 discussions regarding other matters ongoing.

·  Conditions:

-  New Conditions:

§  Condition added to confirm hours of construction works for school development;

§  Condition added to secure details of SINC fencing;

§  Condition added to secure incidental recovery of minerals on site, if appropriate;

§  Condition added to require monitoring of nutrient volumes in the water environment;

§  Condition added to required approval of residential travel plan;


-  Amended Conditions:

§  Condition 2: Plan numbers corrected;

§  Condition 3: Document reference added;

§  Conditions 5 and 6: Amended to separate bypass and school development phases;

§  Conditions 7 and 8: Wording added to clarify this relates to the school development and access works;

§  Condition 9: Amended to require submission within 6 months of occupation;

§  Condition 11: Wording added to clarify this is applicable to the school;

§  Condition 16: Plan numbers corrected;

§  Condition 17: ‘And accord with’ added;

§  Condition 18: Duplication with conditions 16 and 17, therefore deleted;

§  Condition 20c: Amended to take account of the operational impact on the M27 Junction 7;

§  Conditions 21-29, 33, 41 and 45: Wording added to clarify this is applicable to the residential development phases;

§  Condition 26k and o: Reference to Condition 3 corrected; Amended to require the detailed design to take account of the secondary school travel arrangements;

§  Condition 28: Amended to require the detailed design to take account of the secondary school travel arrangements;

§  Conditions 30, 31 and 40: To be phased;

§  Conditions 34 and 38: Submission of information to be phased;

§  Condition 42: Corrected to refer to public water apparatus;

§  Condition 46: Duplicate with condition 29, therefore deleted.




As amended: Delegate authority to Housing & Development Lead Specialist in consultation with Chair, Vice Chair, Leader of the Council and Ward Members, to grant permission subject to:


1.  No material planning objections from outstanding consultees;


2.  Comments from Natural England in relation to the HRA Appropriate Assessment;


3.  Securing community use of indoor and outdoor sports facilities and assembly hall at Deer Park School;


4.  Provisions to enable the Council to deliver improved sports facilities for the community; and


5.  Satisfactory completion of the S106 legal agreement to secure all necessary obligations including a guarantee of permanent community use.


(NOTES: a) Five members of the public spoke in objection to this application citing a number of issues, including the following: inadequate parking for school drop offs, lack of primary school places, lack of provision for cycle parking, amount of houses in development, population increase in area and concern for roads becoming more congested; b) Hampshire County Council and Cllr Mercer spoke in support of the application.)

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