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Councillor Alan Broadhurst

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I am concerned about flooding in a number of areas around Chandler's Ford. The winter weather appears to be getting wetter with heavier rainfall and we are now experiencing flooding in more areas.

In order for us to put pressure on Souhern Water, Hampshire Highways and the Environment Agency we need to know when flooding occurs in the area covered by the Chandler's Ford and Hiltingbury local area committee so do please report if you experience flooding.


A large part of the problem is caused by the main sewer in Leigh Road, the section at the top of the road is of a larger diameter than the one it runs into!

The size changes in the section of Leigh Road close to the Fire Station

The following list includes areas that I know about.

Ford Avenue.

Work has been undertaken by both Southern Water and HCC to resolve this problem.

Pennine Way

Recently this area has suffered from flooding which appears to be caused by water running down from Trevose Close etc. This has been reported to HCC & SW but do please record the dates and times etc. and let me know so that I can pass the informaton to HCC & SW.

The engineers at HCC have inspected the area and concluded that an extra gulley or gulleys need to be provided at the lowest part of Trevose Close. They have not yet indicated when this work will take place.

Brownhill Road

This area has flooded in the dip close to the Hursley Road junction. HCC and SW are aware of this problem.

Merdon Avenue

We are aware ofthe problems in this area and there are plans to improve the drainage in this area.

Chalvington Road

There were minor problems for a limited number of residents but HCC have undertaken work installing new gulleys and changing the kerbs to overcome this.

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