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Councillor Alan Broadhurst

Phone: 023 8025 3648

Mobile: 07905 549083


Home Address:
28 Tadburn Close
Chandler's Ford
SO53 2NF

Fax: 023 8025 3648

Around Chandler's Ford West


Park Road

The road surface between Hursley and Merdon Avenue is in a poor condition HCC engineers have inspected it again and agreed that it needs resurfacing. This work should take place during 2011.


Brownhill Road

Again I have asked the engineers at HCC to inspect the road surface as it is very rough in places. The section betweeen Hursley Road and Park Road appears to be the worst.

But they have now decided to resurface the section between Park Road and Winchester Road during 2011


Castle Lane

Residents have complained about the speed of traffic in Castle Lane, we have taken this matter up with the Engineers at HCC and the police.

The pavements are in very poor condition in places and again this has been reported to HCC and they have inspected the pavements. They agree that they are in poor condition but they still meet the minimum required standards and they cannot find the funds to resurface the pavements yet. They will take action to undertake some minor work around the inspection cover near number 4.


Leigh Road

Now that we have the central reservation near Belmont Road to assist young people to cross safely as they travel to and from Toynbee School I still feel that we need a crossing closer to Chalvington and Falkland Roads.

Therefore I am still requesting that another central reservation is needed in Leigh Road close to its junction with Chalvington Road.

There are some Developers contributions (monies) available towards contribute to this. But the main problem is that there are so many drives in the area that the engineers have been unable to find a suitable location for a crossing that would not block a drive or drives.


Bournemouth Road

The engineers at HCC are looking at ways of improving the safety of pedestrians crossing between the bus stops near Hut Farm Place, at the junction with School Lane, and Chalvington Road. I feel that we need pedesrian phases in the traffic lights to allow pedestrians travelling along Bournemouth Road to cross School Lane and Chalvington Roads safely. The survey taken by the Engineers at HCC has revealed a very low number of people crossing either Chalvington Road or School lane at the junctions so they are unlikely to support any major improvements to the junction to accomodate pedestrians.


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