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Councillor Alan Broadhurst

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28 Tadburn Close
Chandler's Ford
SO53 2NF

Fax: 023 8025 3648

Transport News, including bus passes.


We are still concerned about the changes to the bus services and the continuing threat to services as more individual routes appear to be running at a loss.


The Government are taking the responsibilty for operating the national bus pass scheme away from the Borough and District Councils where there is two tier Local Government and giving it to the County Councils.


From April 2011 the bus pass scheme is now operated by Hampshire County Council who have decided to limit the operation of the scheme to off peak hours only.

This means that the bus pass will only be accepted for services scheduled to depart from the stop where you get on the bus between 9:00am and 11:00pm.


The County Council are reviewing the bus services in our area. Many services (all the "C" services C1, C2 etc.) are not commercially viable and are heavily subsidised by the County Council. Obviously it cannot be taken for granted that these services will continue run at the present frequency etc.




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