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Photograph of Councillor Bruce Tennent
Councillor Bruce Tennent

Mobile: 07703 447365


Home Address:
42 Holly Gardens
West End
SO30 3RW


Welcome to my personal website and thank you for all the ideas you have shared about the future of West End.  I appreciate the suggestions you make and do my best to answer all the queries you send in, so please keep them coming.  My pledge to you has not changed since I first became a councillor and taking on the extra responsibilities of Parish Councillor and County Councillor has only served to strengthen my resolve.

What would I like to achieve whilst serving as a councillor?

  • Protect the area from overdevelopment
  • Ensure that ongoing development of the area is well managed
  • Reflect the aims of the Electorate
  • Ensure that local community interests are taken into account in the council’s decision making and are committed to representing the local people’s views
  • Deal with constituent enquiries about aspects of council business e.g. claiming a discount for Council Tax.
  • Explain council policy and make sure that the policy has been carried out fairly.
  • Support local partnerships and organizations.
  • Campaign on local issues, championing the causes, which further the interests, quality of life and development of the community.
  • Win resources for the ward.
  • Encourage community participation and citizen involvement in decision-making.
  • Listen to the needs of local people and take their views into account when considering policy proposals and in decision-making.

I will represent everyone in West End regardless of politics and seek to get the best possible deal for issues within my control.

Please feel free toe-mail me if you have any concerns or issues you would like to raise.

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