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M27 Motorway Too Noisy!

The Highways Agency reported in 2009 that the last remaining concrete section of the M27 is finally to be resurfaced in 2012.  Unfortunately this is no longer the case.  However, as a result of the government’s spending review the Highways Agency’s priorities have changed slightly nevertheless it is planned that during the financial year 2014/15 when the central reserve barrier will be replaced, subject to the availability of funding the Highways Agency will overlay the carriageway with a thin surfacing material that is designed to reduce both road noise and spray generated by vehicle tyres.  Let us hope that this long overdue project will finally be completed.

In the meantime, in October 2011 retexturing work was undertaken on the concrete section to restore its anti-skid properties and will be monitored for 18 months to gauge its effectiveness.  That was the good news, but the bad news was that neither residents nor local councillors were warned by the Highways Agency that the motorway would be closed over night and that the traffic would be redirected along the A27, Moorhill Road. 

Local support is as strong as ever for this vital upgrade says Councillor Bruce Tennent.  We must keep campaigning until we are 100% certain that government will authorize this work.

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