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Chalcroft Distribution Park


The Royal Navy victualling depot run by the NAAFI (Navy, Army and Air Force Institute), established in 1912 at Burnetts Lane, closed on 30 September 1995.  From this date the depot became known as the Chalcroft Distribution Park.  At 7 hectares, the Business Park is one of the largest in the region.  This continued the much needed employment in the area to sustain the local economy.


In May 2006, some Residents of Burnetts Lane formed an Association as a method of mounting a campaign to reduce the amount of HGVs travelling to and from the Chalcroft Distribution Park, which after several public inquiries has been successful in that the HGV traffic is much reduced.  In 2010, Hampshire Highways made substantial safety improvements to the junction of Burnetts Lane with Bubb Lane improving the situation for local residents even more.  Today there is a Freight Form Liaison Committee that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues that may be of concern to freight operators and nearby residents.


The outcome of the latest meeting was that a new survey will be undertaken on HGV traffic movement in the lane so as to make a valid comparison with the one carried out when the HGV issue was at its height.  This will also enable a "Benchmark" frequency of HGV traffic movement to be established.


What do you think about the economy and jobs brought to West End against the safety issues arising from the HGV movements to and from the Distribution Park and the work of the Residents' Association?  Please feel free to e-mail me with your views.

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